Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1419

I can’t believe the Queen family is the culprit! I… I assume that with our friendship of years, even if they refuse to help us, at the very least, they won’t hit us when we’re down. Yet, they are the reason we ended up in such a state! If that’s the case, why did Frieda come to our house yesterday? Did she come to shed crocodile. tears?

Gina glared at her daughter resentfully. “You knew about it, didn’t you?” Aubree’s involvement in the company’s affairs meant that she must have known who the culprit was, yet she still permitted Frieda to visit her, much to Gina’s bafflement.

If I knew the Queen family was behind this, I wouldn’t have allowed Frieda to enter our house! Aubree’s eyes had also turned red. “So what if I did know? It was the Farwells’ order! Lucian drove us into a corner all because of that b*tch!”

I refuse to give up just yet! Even if I end up in hell, I’ll drag that b*tch down with me! Her words made Gina feel as though the world was crumbling around her. She could not believe Lucian was so ruthless as to disregard the past bond between the two families.

It means that we’ve utterly offended the Farwell family and can never make a comeback! I can never return to my previous luxurious life anymore! When that realization occurred to Gina, she fainted.

“Mom!” Fear crossed Aubree’s eyes at the sight of her mother collapsing to the ground. “We need to go to the hospital now!” she exclaimed, dashing toward Gina.

Samuel’s face was as black as thunder. “No way! She just fainted from an emotional shock. Don’t forget that we’re strapped for cash. There’s no need to send her to the hospital just because of a minor illness!”

He then pushed Aubree away with a swing of his arm, picked Gina up, and brought her upstairs. Aubree glared at his retreating figure, madness continuously manifesting in her eyes.

Mom is sick, but she can’t even go to the hospital! I refuse to lead such a life! Overtaken by the extreme rage, she phoned Frieda, who had just rejoined the company with Jonathan’s approval.

Frieda was content with being able to return to the company, even though her apology to Roxanne the previous day did not go as expected.

She was leisurely playing games on her phone in her own office when Aubree’s name suddenly. popped up on the screen. Her hand trembled, and she nearly tossed her phone.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to be rid of Aubree easily, but I had no idea she would contact me again this fast! What does she want this time? Money? Or is she going to order me to do something evil again?

At the thought of those possibilities, Frieda’s hands shook nonstop as she answered the call. Yet, to avoid infuriating Aubree, she had to feign nonchalance. “Aubree? What’s the matter?”

Aubree gritted her teeth and demanded, “Give me five million!” That caused Frieda to spring to her feet in shock. “Five million?” I’ve just rejoined Queen Group, so I have no means to get that sum for her. But I can’t afford to offend her for now. Carefully, Frieda asked, “When do you want the five million?”

“Today! As fast as possible!” Aubree replied in an icy voice. At that moment, she was extremely insecure after seeing Gina faint before her eyes. Not only was she desperate for money, but she also wanted an astronomical sum. As of then, Frieda was her ATM.

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