Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1416

Jonathan could tell that something was wrong with his sister’s emotions. He pondered for a long while before saying, “Tell me when you decide to visit Dr. Jarvis. I’ll accompany you.” Having taken the hint, Frieda felt much more confident, and her expression became brighter.

Jonathan had a stern look on his face as he continued sternly, “If you’ve offended her previously, seize the chance to give her a proper apology. Dr. Jarvis isn’t petty, so she’ll forgive you if you admit to your mistakes, not to mention I’ll be present as well.”

She nodded obediently in response, but inwardly, her mind was racing with various thoughts.

While Jonathan made it sound like a simple task, I’m not convinced that Roxanne will be so forgiving. If she discovers that I indirectly harmed her children by supplying the bacterium to Aubree, I’m not sure if she will still be willing to forgive me. Perhaps I should gauge her reaction gradually before confessing to the crime.

“All right. You should go upstairs and get some. rest. Let me know when you’ve made up your mind, and I’ll inform Dr. Jarvis,” Jonathan. voiced. Afterward, he sighed and dismissed Frieda with a wave.

He thought that his efforts were in vain again, but to his surprise, she volunteered, “Jonathan, I was wrong. Please ask Dr. Jarvis when she is free so that I can apologize to her at the earliest opportunity.” A hint of astonishment flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. Why did she change her mind today?

Frieda touched her nose and added, “I was too set in my ways previously. As you’ve said, Dr. Jarvis will get married to Lucian one day. If I’m on bad terms with her, it won’t bode well for our family’s future.”

At the end of her utterances, she flashed a charming smile at her brother. “Would it be possible for me to rejoin Queen Group once Dr.. Jarvis and I have reconciled?” she inquired. Jonathan scrutinized her for several seconds. but did not notice anything odd in her expression.

Thus, he agreed right away. “After you apologize to Dr. Jarvis, and she agrees to forgive you, you can return to the company. Remember not to do anything foolish in the future.”

The reason he and Alfred terminated Frieda’s employment at Queen Group was that they felt her actions had impacted the reputation of the Queen family. At the same time, they were concerned that she would remain obstinate and fail to recognize the offense she might cause to Farwell Group.

If Roxanne agreed to forgive Frieda’s past deeds, the Queen family would recover its reputation. Hearing his answer, Frieda heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

As long as I get to return to Queen Group, I can still appease Aubree if she asks me for more money. After she decided to offer an apology as soon as possible, Jonathan wasted no time in giving Roxanne a call. Roxanne was recently busy with work at the research institute.

Motivated by the newfound knowledge that. Estella was the child whom she thought had passed away during childbirth, she decided to remain in Chanaea and pursue her career there so that she could be with the little girl.

To achieve her goal, she had been working overtime to obtain new projects in an attempt to help the research institute make a name for itself in Chanaea.

As a result, she did not have time to pay attention to any external disputes. When Jonathan called her, she was busy developing new medications with the researchers at the research institute.

Following Colby’s arrest, the responsibilities she carried in the research institute became greater. In fact, Roxanne was so swamped with work that she had to find time to answer Jonathan’s call.

Over the phone, Jonathan merely told her he wanted to talk to her about something. As the Queen family was closely related to the research institute, she agreed to squeeze an afternoon meeting into her busy schedule. They ended the call after agreeing to a time and location.

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