Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1415

With that, the two women were considered to have completely fallen out with each other. When Frieda stepped out of the Pearson residence, the smile on her face instantly vanished as a wave of regret and fury washed over her.

If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have gotten close to Aubree! Her family is now destitute, yet she refuses to let me go! Her expression remained grim throughout the journey back to the Queen residence.

Worried about Frieda, Jonathan had been waiting for her in the living room. His heart sank when he noticed the expression on her face as she entered the living room. “What happened? Did you and Aubree have a fight?”

If I’m not mistaken, Aubree and Frieda have always been on good terms with each other.. Since Frieda went over to check on Aubree, they shouldn’t have fought. Or could my suspicion be right? Are they hiding something from me?

That thought weighed heavily on his heart, and he fixed Frieda with a penetrating gaze. Frieda’s long-suppressed rage finally erupted after she heard her brother’s words of concern.

“It’s all your fault! We have been friends with the Pearsons for a long time, yet just as they landed in trouble, we pounced on them like hungry strays to get their assets for ourselves. If you were Aubree, wouldn’t you be upset?”

Jonathan knitted his brows. “You know nothing! Relationships have no place in the corporate world. Besides, the Pearsons were also unable to hold onto their assets. If we didn’t make a move, someone else would have done so!”

Her eyes widened. “Then just- Before she could say they should give someone else that chance, he interjected sternly, “Shut up! This concerns Queen Group, and I’ve already discussed it with the shareholders. There were no objections, and it was also an order from Lucian. Do you think we are more closely associated with the Farwell family or the Pearson family?”

Frieda’s pupils shrank at the mention of Lucian. A sense of fear overtook her, and her rage. dissipated. Jonathan stared at her fixedly for some time. Upon noticing that she stopped retorting him, he coaxed, “Don’t meet with the Pearsons anymore. Consider that you did your very best as Aubree’s friend with today’s final visit. You must have no more dealings with them from now on. It would be best to forget about them. and move on.”

An ugly scowl crept up Frieda’s face. Of course, I want to do that as well, but Aubree will never let me off so easily. Her hesitation did not go unnoticed by Jonathan, whose countenance darkened. “You must be aware that Aubree can never become Mrs. Farwell. What she did is now widely known in Horington. If you don’t sever your connections with her, it will damage the reputation of the Queen family!”

Frieda trembled imperceptibly. Her biggest fear was that the Queen family would be affected. I dread to imagine the state I’ll end up in if my family becomes destitute. But how can I be rid of Aubree?

Despite how hard she racked her brain for a solution, not a single one came to mind. At that point, she wanted nothing more than to confess her past deeds. However, she was afraid Jonathan would kick her out of the Queen family before Lucian could take action against her.

“The only person who can be the lady of the Farwell family is Roxanne, and there will be plenty of occasions where we have to socialize with her in the future,” Jonathan uttered.

Something else occurred to him, and he advised, “I remember you used to treat Dr. Jarvis rather rudely. You’d better find a chance to apologize to her lest it affects our future dealings with her.”

His words struck a chord with Frieda. She seemed to think making amends with Roxanne was a good idea. Though she did not like Roxanne, at the very least, the latter was much more amicable than Lucian. I can ask Roxanne to intercede on my behalf!

Harboring that thought in mind, Frieda feigned obedience and nodded in agreement.

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