Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1414

Frieda glanced at the chipped ornament beside her with lingering fear in her heart. If I hadn’t avoided the ornament in time, it would’ve struck my head, and I would’ve been lying on the ground by now!

“Shut up! Don’t think I don’t know that your family is behind this!” Aubree screamed hysterically. “You escaped unscathed, but the Queen family gobbled up my family’s properties, and I bet it won’t end there. So, don’t you dare say those insincere remarks to me!”

Startled by her outburst, Frieda could not maintain a pleasant attitude anymore. “You know I don’t have a say in the decisions my family makes. It’s pointless to blame me for my brother’s actions!”

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t have been kicked out of the management level of Queen Group if I hadn’t helped Aubree target Roxanne! At that thought, a wave of regret washed over Frieda.

Aubree’s expression turned icy in an instant. Madness brewed in her eyes as she demanded, “I can’t watch my family reach its end just like this! I want you to go home and figure out a way to make the Queen family cough out. everything they took from us!”

Disbelief crossed Frieda’s face when she heard the other woman’s peremptory request. “My words carry no weight in Queen Group now, and there’s no way Jonathan will listen to me. I can’t do that!” “You must do it! If you don’t, I’ll tell Lucian that you gave me the bacterium I fed Essie!” Aubree cut her off coldly. Frieda’s expression changed abruptly.

After witnessing the difficult circumstances of the Pearson family, she deeply regretted her decision to assist Aubree back then. At the same time, she was afraid that the latter might expose her misdeeds for real.

A long while later, Frieda forced herself to soften her voice. “Please don’t be like this, Aubree. I’m still a part of the Queen family, so I’ll be able to assist you if you need any help. However, if I get kicked out of the Queen family, I won’t be able to help you in the future.”

She then retrieved the bank card she had prepared beforehand and laid it on the bed. “There’s one hundred thousand in this account. Use it to rent a good place. If you need more money, just let me know. I’m here to help you.”

Aubree lowered her head to glance at the card before directing her gaze toward Frieda again. All of a sudden, her lips curled into a mocking smile. “One hundred thousand? Do you take me as a beggar?”

Frieda had a troubled look on her face. With her. brows furrowed, she replied, “I wish I could give you more, but I can’t access any funds from Queen Group. Jonathan and my grandpa are the ones who provide me with money to spend. If I withdraw a large amount at once, they will inquire about my expenses, and if they find out that I gave the money to you…”

If that were to happen, Aubree might not be able to receive any more funds. Worse yet, there was a risk that Frieda’s prior actions would be revealed.

After all, Frieda had personally obtained the bacterium that infected Estella from the Queen. family’s research institute. Should someone look into that matter, they would easily discover her involvement in it.

At that point, Aubree was shaking with rage. One hundred thousand would not have meant anything to her in the past. Much to her chagrin, however, she could not even fork out ten thousand then.

“Take the money first. We’ll talk about the rest later.” Frieda hastened to persuade Aubree as soon as she noticed that the latter seemed to be wavering.

After a long silence, Aubree clenched her teeth and turned away from Frieda. “Scram! Just because the Pearson family has fallen from grace doesn’t mean you can be rid of me. Remember, I have dirt on you, so you still need to listen to me!”

Since her engagement with Lucian was called off, Aubree did not bother putting on an act anymore; she did not even try to mask her desire to use Frieda to achieve her goals.

Knowing that she had to placate Aubree first, Frieda gritted her teeth silently and flashed the latter an ugly smile. “I know. Don’t worry,” she assured her..

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