Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1413

After leaving the Queen residence, Frieda drove. to the Pearson residence immediately. She saw the movers’ vehicles outside the Pearson residence when she was walking toward the entrance.

Even though she knew that the Pearson family was in a difficult situation and targeted by many parties, she didn’t realize it was to this extent.

When she recalled Aubree’s tone in the phone call earlier, realization dawned upon her. No wonder Aubree didn’t contact me these few days but suddenly called me today. She’s desperate.

Upon realizing that, Frieda was overwhelmed with emotions. If she went up now, it wouldn’t end up well for her as Aubree would only vent her anger on her.

Back then, the Pearson family rose to prominence with the Farwell family’s assistance. No one would have been able to predict that the family would fall from grace now! If this fate befalls the Queen family….

Frieda couldn’t help but shiver upon that thought. No! I can’t be in cahoots with Aubree anymore! Who knows what she will make me do to offend the Farwell family in the future? Upon thinking that, her expression stiffened when she walked into the Pearson residence. “Frieda, are you here for Aubree?”

Gina’s eyes lit up when she saw Frieda and said gladly, “Help me talk some sense into her. Tell her to be rational and accept our fate.” Frieda smiled stiffly. “I will.”

With that, she made her way upstairs without casting a second glance at Gina. She heard a thud when she was right in front of Aubree’s room.

Frieda shuddered in fear and paused in her tracks. She only knocked on the door after the room fell silent. “Come in!” Aubree’s voice was a touch hoarse. Frieda gripped her bag tightly and opened the door.

She was greeted by a messy scene. Every movable item in the room was ruined and thrown to the ground. Aubree was still trying to smash a vase. “Aubree, you’ Frieda felt tense as she looked at Aubree warily. She didn’t dare to move from her spot near the door.

Aubree glared at her with hatred. “These are all my belongings! If I can’t bring them away, I’ll destroy them! I will not give these things to someone else!”

With that, she smashed the vase on the ground. It immediately shattered into pieces. Frieda immediately took a few steps back to avoid being cut by the pieces.

It was evident from Aubree’s appearance that she had just cried. Her eyes were still slightly red, her eyelashes were glistening with tears, and her hair, which had always been exquisitely styled, was slightly messy.

Also, Frieda immediately noticed the slap mark on Aubree’s face. Her brows furrowed, as she couldn’t bear to see Aubree in this state.

Even though she had seen how cruel Aubree could be, they had been friends for many years. Frieda’s hatred and fear of her dissipated seeing Aubree in such a wretched state.

“Aubree, calm down. Since it has come down to this, you won’t be able to change anything, even if you’re angry. You will only hurt yourself.”

She tried to comfort Aubree and calm the latter down. However, as soon as she finished speaking, a ceramic ornament flew straight at her! Frieda’s heart almost stopped as she barely managed to avoid it with her reflexes. The ornament collided with the wall before. rolling to her feet.

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