Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1412

Frieda was ridden with regret as she stared at the phone screen. If I knew Aubree would end up like this, I would have never listened to her! Despite her regret, it was too late.

Frieda stood up slowly while holding her phone. Before leaving, she retrieved a bank card from the drawer out of caution. “Where are you going?”

As soon as she left the bedroom, she immediately saw her brother, who had come out of the study. Jonathan’s scrutinizing gaze was filled with suspicion.

Frieda plastered on a smile. “It’s nothing. I have stayed at home for too long, so I decided to go out.” Jonathan didn’t give her the opportunity to lie, instead asking directly, “Are you going to meet Aubree?”

Frieda’s expression changed drastically as she didn’t expect her brother to see through her so quickly. “You’re not allowed to go! You’re staying at home instead!”

Not only was Jonathan aware of Lucian’s prejudice against Aubree, but he also knew about Frieda’s relationship with Aubree. As a result, he had to make sure Frieda had nothing to do with Aubree right now, or the Queen family would be implicated if Lucian were enraged.

Guilt filled Frieda’s heart, but she pretended to be calm and appeal to his emotions. “Jonathan, Aubree has been my friend for so long. I can’t just leave her when her family is at their lowest. We, girls, aren’t like you guys. We can’t just cut off ties with our friends immediately even if our families have conflicts with each other-”

Before she could finish her words, Jonathan. interrupted her, somewhat upset, “What’s your relationship with her? You should stay away from this kind of woman!”

Frieda bit her lips and looked at Jonathan pitifully. “I’m just going to take a look! It’s not like I can do anything to alleviate the Pearson family’s situation even if I want to.”

It was the truth. Even if Lucian personally helped the Pearson. family, he would need to inject tons of money in to see any signs of improvement. Other than this, it was impossible for the family to recover from this situation.

Frieda glanced at her watch. It was getting closer to the time Aubree had arranged for them to meet. She attempted to persuade Jonathan. “Don’t worry. You already know I’m not a courageous person! Even if she asks for my help, I won’t dare to do anything. I only assisted her the last time because I assumed she would become a part of the Farwell family. I wouldn’t do anything dumb now that I know it’s impossible.”

Jonathan was a rather indulgent brother. Knowing what she said was the truth, hel hesitated for a few seconds before he agreed.

“You can go and meet her, but you have to understand that you will bear all the consequences if you get bewitched by her and do something dumb. I’ll not save you!”

Jonathan would naturally choose the Queen family over Frieda! Frieda’s heart trembled, and she suddenly felt slightly nervous about meeting Aubree For a split second, she thought about explaining everything to Jonathan.

However, Frieda suppressed the urge when she thought about the Pearson family’s situation. She gave an obedient nod. “I understand! I’m not dumb, so you don’t have to worry!”

Jonathan nodded. As he watched his sister leave, he felt slightly worried. He knew that Frieda was not a dumb person, so he didn’t understand why she would still try to meet Aubree when she knew about the relationship between the Pearsons and the Farwells. Is Frieda hiding something from me?

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