Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1411

For the first time in her life, panic swamped Aubree. She turned to her mother for confirmation. “Was Dad telling me the truth earlier, Mom? We’re really moving out?”

Gina was likewise exceedingly reluctant to move out. Unfortunately, she had no other choice but to face reality. She nodded with a grim expression on her face. “Yeah. Very soon, we won’t be able to live here anymore.”

After saying that, she urged earnestly, “Listen to your father, Aubree. Don’t do anything foolish again. Now that the Pearson family has ended up in such straits, we wouldn’t be able to help. you even if we wanted to do so if something were to happen to you!”

In the past, others might give the Pearson family some respect because of the Farwell family. At present, however, things had soured between the Farwell and Pearson families. In fact, the Farwell family went just short of announcing that they were the ones who brought the Pearson family down.

Therefore, no one would care about the Pearson family anymore, let alone when the Pearson family had no money then. Aubree stared at Gina blankly for a few seconds before lifting her eyes and sweeping a gaze over the room that had belonged to her since childhood. In a heartbeat, tears streamed down her face.

“What gives? Why is it that we’re even losing our house, yet that b*tch still gets to live in the lap of luxury?” Hearing her daughter’s grievance, Gina panicked. “Calm down, Aubree!”

Regretfully, her words fell on deaf ears. Aubree. got to her feet and pushed her mother out of the room. Subsequently, the door was slammed shut in Gina’s face with a bang.

No matter how much Gina pounded on the tightly-closed room door, she received no response from inside. Thus, she could only wait anxiously outside.

Lifting a hand, Aubree wiped her tears dry. Shel then took out her phone and called Frieda. At the Queen residence, Frieda was aware of her brother’s actions in the past few days.

For that reason, she had been worrying herself. sick recently. She was afraid that with her brother targeting Aubree and bringing about the Pearson family’s downfall, Aubree wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.

To make matters even worse, the latter would likely take it out on her. Alas, it was precisely the matter she dreaded most that came to pass.

Just as Frieda was fretting that Aubree might seek her out, she received a phone call from the latter. Glancing at the caller ID, she was beyond reluctant to answer the call. But in the end, she still took it.

Aubree had lost her mind then. As such, Frieda couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t accidentally trigger Aubree, resulting in the woman telling Lucian about her being Aubree’s accomplice. Verily, she didn’t dare risk it.

“Aubree…” she answered the call carefully, sounding a touch servile. On the other end of the phone, Aubree’s voice was slightly hoarse, but the fury within it was still distinctly audible. “Come over to the Pearson residence right this instant!”

At that demand, guilt showed on Frieda’s face, and her voice turned conflicted. “Um… my brother is watching me like a hawk, forbidding me from going out. Let’s just talk on the phone if there’s anything!”

Naturally, Aubree was no fool and knew that the woman had been avoiding her these days. However, Frieda was the only resource available to her right then.

“You can’t go out, but I can! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll seek Lucian out and tell him about everything you did? The Queen family is making money hand over fist now and is even on closer terms with Farwell Group than before. But if Lucian were to learn that you were my accomplice, say, would he still give a fig about past affections? And would the Queen family become the next Pearson family?”

Aubree’s voice was laced with threat. At once, Frieda’s heart lurched. She didn’t dare give any more excuses. “I’ll think of a way to evade my brother’s notice as much as possible. Stay calm, Aubree. I’ll be there right away!”

Still, Aubree wasn’t satisfied. “If you don’t arrive within half an hour, look for me at Farwell Group instead!” Having said that, she hung up directly.

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