Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1410

Meanwhile, Aubree was sitting in her bedroom. with a gloomy expression on her face. The Queen family! It turned out to be the Queen family!

While busy handling the mess in the past few days, she didn’t forget to investigate the culprit sabotaging things behind the scenes. Initially, she thought that it would be some other family who seized that opportunity to hit them while they were down.

Never had she imagined that it would be Jonathan. She could surmise without even having to ponder upon the matter that it was definitely Lucian who instructed him to do so.

If he hadn’t received an order from the latter, he wouldn’t have had the guts to make a move rashly. Ah, Lucian! I never expected him to be so ruthless to me that he’s determined to push me to a dead end!

As she was fuming, her room door was suddenly pushed open. Snapping back to her senses, Aubree snapped her eyes up and swung her gaze in the direction of the door. Just when she had made out the person who barged in, a slap from Samuel sent her tumbling back onto the bed.

“Samuel!” Gina had also been exhausted in the past few days because of the Pearson family’s downfall. Coupled with the blow she suffered earlier upon learning that they would have to move out before tomorrow, she was pitifully weak in the legs.

By the time she finally arrived at Aubree’s room, she was greeted by the sight of Samuel slapping their daughter.

Although Aubree had done something wrong, she was still Gina’s flesh and blood. It was as though that slap from Samuel struck her squarely, for her heart abruptly clenched. In a flash, strength infused her legs, and she sprinted over to shield her daughter..

“Get out of my way! I’m going to teach this. imbecile a lesson today!” Samuel snarled coldly. “Calm down. Things are already set in stone anyway. Besides, Aubree hasn’t had it easy either these few days. She’s already trying her best to make amends for her mistakes.” Gina sounded mournful.

When Samuel saw that she was still defending Aubree, his temper spiked further. He was so enraged that his temples throbbed violently. “Buzz off! Otherwise, I’m going to hit you as well!”

After bellowing that, he chastised furiously, “This is all on you for spoiling her! If you hadn’t encouraged her, she wouldn’t have ended up with such attitude today!”

Gina was both panicked and fearful, her lips quivering uncontrollably. “Step aside, Mom,” Aubree urged softly, gathering her wits about her at long last.

Then, she stepped out from behind her mother. Holding her head up high, she regarded her father with obstinacy etched across her features. “I did nothing wrong!”

Samuel lifted his hand and slapped her again. “Even now, you’re still unrepentant? Are you only going to admit to your mistake after I personally send you to prison?”

Aubree cradled her cheek, madness brewing in her eyes. I did nothing wrong! If I really did something wrong, that was merely loving Lucian too deeply at that time. He has absolutely no regard for me! I hate him!

Noticing that both women were utterly unremorseful, Samuel was so incensed that he almost burst a blood vessel. He calmed himself for some time before he finally managed to suppress his wrath forcibly. “Get up and pack your things!” When Aubree heard that, she lifted her eyes and looked at her father in puzzlement.

In turn, Samuel glared at her sharply. “The Pearson family has gone bankrupt! On top of that, this house is no longer ours! It’ll be seized tomorrow, and we’ve got to get out of here quickly!”

Bankrupt? Despite knowing ages ago that they would have to face that fact sooner or later, Aubree still found it hard to believe upon hearing it from her father with her own ears.

How could that be? How could it come to pass so quickly? Worse still, we don’t even have at house in the end! I’ve got nothing left! “From now on, you’d better behave! If you were to create trouble again, we might not even be able to come out of it alive!”

Worried that he would really go off the deep. end and pummel the two women to death if he continued to stay in the room, Samuel spun on his heel and left after saying that.

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