Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1409

Aubree’s desperation was shared by Samuel, who had been bustling around for several days. Sonya’s promise gave him hope, and he thought she would really succeed in convincing Lucian to spare the Pearson family this once.

Little did he expect that not only did Farwell Group’s oppression of the Pearson Group persist, but it even intensified. In fact, it was so bad that the Pearson family was on the verge of bankruptcy.

His hard work in the past few days ended up in vain, resulting in his relatives knocking on his door and questioning him about it one after another. In just a few days, most of his hair had turned gray.

At that very moment, Samuel was sitting at the desk in the study with a grim expression on his face. In front of him were a few staff members from the bank.

At the same time, a handful of asset transfer agreements were clearly laid out on the desk. After the bank’s staff member had reviewed one of the documents, he slid it over to Samuel.

“Please sign here, Mr. Pearson.” Jolted out of his thoughts, Samuel swept his gaze over the asset he had acquired through blood, sweat, and tears. Such distress inundated him that his hands trembled, and his signature became shaky.

It went without saying that the bank’s staff member showed no concern for his feelings. Seeing that the man had already signed the document, he started reviewing the next asset transfer agreement without hesitation.

At the side, Gina stood before the desk, her face as pale as a sheet. She initially wanted to comfort Samuel, but his dark expression had her ultimately swallow the words on the tip of her tongue. She didn’t even dare breathe, going out and pouring him a glass of water.

Samuel was suppressing his wrath in the first. place, so the sight of a glass of water appearing in his line of vision out of the blue promptly sparked his fury. Slamming his hand. on the desk, he shot to his feet. “I’m not in the mood to drink water! I’ve got nothing left, and I can’t even catch my breath!”

As though to verify his claim, the voice of the bank’s staff member drifted into the air on the heels of that. “Mr. Pearson, this house no longer belongs to you. The bank will be seizing. this mansion tomorrow morning. Please move out on time so as not to affect our work.”

Samuel was so livid that he trembled all over. “Scram! Get out of here!”

The bank’s staff member knew that the Pearson family had already fallen and the man in front of him was nothing more than a paper tiger. Thus, he paid no mind to Samuel’s fit of rage. “We have already contacted a moving company for you. Please move out as soon as possible. If you do not cooperate, we will be taking forceful measures.”

The instant Samuel heard that, his face flushed bright red with fury. The Pearson family has already fallen far from grace. If the bank were to employ forceful measures on top of that, I’d lose my dignity as well! He inhaled deeply several times. Ultimately, he said nothing further, merely watching the bank’s staff leave with a grave expression on his face.

“Are we really moving out, Samuel?” When Gina and Samuel were the only ones left in the study, Gina gaped at the man. incredulously.

Ever since she married into the Pearson family, they had been living there. She was already accustomed to the place, so she truly couldn’t accept abruptly moving out and to an inferior environment at that.

Without warning, Samuel pounded his hand on the desk and snapped, “Why are you asking me that? You should go and ask your precious daughter! If it weren’t for her, we would never have ended up in such straits!” At his sudden outburst, Gina jumped in fright. She parted her lips slightly, but she dared not ask anything else.

After venting his anger, Samuel plopped down dejectedly, thinking he would likely have to spend the rest of his life in poverty. The more he dwelled upon it, the more furious he grew.

“Samuel!” Gina was racking her brain for a way out of the predicament when she saw Samuel abruptly leaping to his feet after bringing his hand down on the desk, then striding toward the study door.

Upon seeing that, she hastily followed, afraid that he would do something impulsive again as before.

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