Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1408

At Lucian’s remark, Jonathan inwardly rolled his eyes. “I was the one who expended the effort to obtain them!” That being said, the Pearson family doesn’t have the capability to fight me, considering their current state. Basically, they’re free resources! Lucian merely regarded the man with an inscrutable look in his eyes..

Intimidated by his stare, Jonathan changed the subject and inquired about his relationship withRoxanne at present. “How are things going with Roxanne? Don’t tell me there’s no progress even after you went on a trip with her?”

I’d been racking my brain to give him ideas for a long time. If there’s really no progress, I truly feel sorry for Roxanne! Speaking of the events that transpired in Jadeborough, Lucian inexorably recalled that passionate night there. His gaze darkened a shade.

Jonathan noticed the change in the man’s expression. Alas, he couldn’t tell what it meant and could only eye Lucian in puzzlement. “Just answer the question. Don’t grin so devilishly when I’m not Roxannel”

No sooner had those words rang out than Lucian corralled his thoughts. His expression turned indifferent once more. “It’s going pretty well, thanks to your idea.”

That was considered his reply to the question earlier. However, Jonathan remained unsatisfied and wanted to know the details. “What does that mean? What stage exactly have things progressed to?”

Based on his understanding of Lucian, merely holding hands would already be considered “pretty well” since the latter’s relationship with Roxanne was exceedingly tense previously.

Regretfully, Lucian merely smiled without saying anything. Jonathan scrutinized him for a long moment while speculating soundlessly. Hmm, they must have made rapid progress. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be wearing such an expression.

Following that realization, gratification flooded him. Yay! My backbreaking effort in giving him countless ideas hadn’t gone to waste! As Lucian seeming had no plans of revealing anything further, he tacitly stopped harping on that line of question.

Subsequently, the two of them briefly discussed the Pearson family’s resources. Although Jonathan had already decided to acquire those assets, he still had to be mindful of his boundaries.

When the discussion ended, Jonathan got up and left, heading directly to Queen Group. That very afternoon, Pearson Group, which was already in a precarious state, suddenly took a turn for the worse. Despite having sold off most of the shares in his hands, Samuel still had to clean up his own mess.

As Pearson Group’s share prices plummeted sharply, all shareholders started complaining incessantly. For that reason, Pearson Group had no choice but to lower the share prices repeatedly.

Unexpectedly, a few branch offices were requested to be delisted and liquidated due to the overly low share prices. Consequently, Pearson Group was left with no other recourse but to sacrifice those few branch offices.

The other members of the Pearson family, whose interests were linked to those companies, were already resentful because of the trouble caused by Samuel and his family. In the face of their companies facing the threat of bankruptcy, they just about camped at the man’s house, demanding an explanation from him.

Hence, Samuel was swamped. Even Aubree was forced to cooperate with her father to resolve the mess together despite her dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Unfortunately, nothing quite worked even after they had bustled around for a long time. It was as though someone was pushing things along behind the scenes, for the speed at which Pearson Group was deteriorating was unbelievably fast.

In just a few days, almost all of the Pearson family’s companies had been shut down. The handful that remained were also struggling badly while surviving on bank loans. Alas, the person manipulating things secretly didn’t even leave them that much hope.

Instead, he seemed determined on destroying the Pearson family entirely. Even the bank was no longer willing to give them any loans. Worse still, they were requested to repay their loans in the past.

However, the Pearson family was in no state to repay their loans right then. The only recourse would be to declare bankruptcy. At that point, Aubree felt as though her entire world had collapsed. After all, she had been living a pampered life since young and had never experienced such hardship.

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