Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1407

That night, Jonathan could barely sleep after receiving a message from Lucian. At daybreak the next morning, Jonathan strode into the Farwell residence. “Mr. Queen,” Catalina greeted him upon his arrival. Jonathan nodded in acknowledgment. “Where’s Lucian?”

“He went up to his study after breakfast.” Jonathan then ended his conversation with Catalina and headed up. There was no way he could rest until he clarified with Lucian what the message from the night before meant..

Just as he was about to knock, the door opened from the inside. “What are you doing here?” Lucian gave his guest a placid look before inviting him into the study. Jonathan almost choked on himself.

Why is he even asking me that? I obviously want to know what he is trying to convey with the message last night. It’s one thing for me to do his bidding all the time, but what’s with throwing a hot potato in my direction out of nowhere? Because of him, I hardly slept a wink!

“Lucian, aren’t you being unreasonable?” The exasperated Jonathan took his seat opposite Lucian. “Why did you have to drag me into this mess with the Pearson family? Although everyone is kicking them while they’re down, wouldn’t it be inappropriate for the Queen family to join in?”

Before Lucian’s engagement with Aubree was canceled, the Farwell, Pearson, and Queen families enjoyed a close relationship. Now that the two families had fallen out, it wouldn’t look good on the Queen family if they were to take over Pearson Group.

Jonathan had to take the interest of the Queen family into account although he disagreed with Aubree’s actions. Cocking his brow, Lucian couldn’t believe his ears. “What’s wrong? You’re not the one engaged to her. Don’t tell me that you secretly harbor feelings for her?”

Jonathan was triggered by his friend’s words. “Me? Interest in her? Oh, please!” The last thing I want is to be anywhere near her. Lucian frowned in response. “So, what’s the

problem? The Queen family has always been close to the Farwell family. Now that we have cast aside the Pearson family, you’ll have to make your stand public sooner or later.”

Seeing the truth in Lucian’s words, Jonathan wrinkled his brows without retorting. Lucian added, “Furthermore, Queen Group and Pearson Group are both involved in the medical industry. It’s only natural the former takes over the latter. It’s also a brilliant opportunity for Queen Group to expand.”

Jonathan couldn’t deny that every word of Lucian’s struck a chord with him. The wavering look in his eyes grew increasingly obvious. Weighing the consequences was the main reason he was unable to sleep.

Even though taking over the Pearson family business was detrimental to Queen Group’s reputation, it was nothing compared to the company’s expansion that resulted.

Furthermore, it was as Lucian had said, the relationship between the Queen family and the Pearson family was established on the account of the Farwell family.

Now that the Farwells and Pearsons had fallen out, there was no reason for the Queen family to maintain that relationship. Holding that thought, Jonathan made his decision. “I understand. Leave it to me.”

Now that he thought about it, he realized there was no reason for his earlier hesitancy. Lucian broke into a smile when he saw that Jonathan was convinced. “I have not forgotten all the help you have extended to me recently. The assets of the Pearson family will be my way of thanking you.”

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