Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1406

“What are you trying to say?” Sonya was outraged by her son’s ridicule. “Roxanne might be Essie’s birth mother, but I’m her biological grandmother too! How will my visit agitate her? Yes, I realize that I used the wrong method in educating Essie previously, but I have apologized for it and promised not to behave that way again!”

Lucian pinched his forehead as his frustration with his mother began to grow. “I’m glad you know that you’re responsible for what has become of your relationship with Essie.”

Even though Lucian didn’t know what his mother did for Estella to resent her so much, he had learned his lesson from what happened with Aubree.

In fact, details weren’t important. What truly mattered was Estella’s will. Thus, Lucian would keep those Estella resented away from her until she was willing to forgive them.

With nothing to counter Lucian with, Sonya felt her exasperation grow. “No matter what, I’ll never hurt Essie!” Lucian agreed with a nod. “I know, but you’re still not patient enough. Besides, if you’re really concerned about her, you should understand what her true needs are.”

Sonya obviously knew what they were. That little girl can’t help but stick to Roxanne like glue now. That was the exact reason she was upset. When something suddenly occurred to her, she suppressed the anger in her heart..

“Since you don’t want me to interfere with Essie’s life, let’s talk about the Pearson family.” Lucian’s face turned grim at the mention of the Pearson family. “What about them?”

Wearing an awkward expression, Sonya spoke in a dissatisfied tone. “Aren’t you being too harsh on the Pearson family? Both our families go back a long way, while Old Mr. Pearson is still your benefactor in the end. Is it really. necessary to drive them into a corner when

teaching them a lesson is enough?” Lucian replied firmly, “They brought this upon. themselves.”

Sonya frowned. “It’s true that they have made a mistake, but by being so ruthless against them, it sends out the wrong signal to the other families. Who will dare work with us after this? Now that you have canceled the engagement with Aubree, she won’t be able to harm Essie anymore. That alone should be enough!”

At the back of her mind, Sonya was still planning to turn Aubree into an obedient puppet of hers. Aubree aside, no other family will dare allow their daughter to marry into our family once they see how vindictive our family can be.

The more Sonya thought about it, the more worried she became. Hence, the main purpose of her visit was to discuss the issue with Lucian.

However, Lucian’s expression drastically changed when his mother pleaded for mercy on behalf of the Pearson family. “Before they harmed Essie, they should have considered the consequences of crossing me. Besides, I don’t think the lesson I have thought them comes close to being enough.”

Even Sonya couldn’t help but shudder in the face of Lucian’s rage. Despite that, she was adamant in her persuasion. “Don’t forget that Aubree had. waited for you many years and her feelings for you are true. She just chose the wrong way-”

Before she could finish, Lucian cut her off. “Don’t ever mention that wicked woman in front of me. If this is all you want to talk about today. you can leave now. I’m tired and need to rest.”

With that, Lucian headed upstairs without giving Sonya the opportunity to respond. His reaction rendered Sonya speechless.

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