Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1404

Upon hearing Benny’s words, Roxanne felt embarrassed again after having just regained her composure. Echoing through her ear, Lucian’s deep voice carried a hint of amusement. “Take a look. Do you like it? I wasn’t really sure what to buy and the sales attendant recommended me another design. However, I think this one suits you better.”

Roxanne seized upon the opportunity to avert her gaze from his. Turning around, she checked the rearview mirror to see how she looked.

She was greeted by the sight of a platinum necklace circling her neck. Hanging between her collarbones was a minimalistic round pendant that was covered with crushed diamonds. Sitting right in the center, it made her look as if her collarbones were sparkling. It was a sight that bedazzled her.

Lucian, who had somehow walked up behind her, asked anxiously, “Do you like it?” Upon regaining her senses, Roxanne turned around and smile. “It’s beautiful. I love it, Mr. Far-”

She almost addressed him as Mr. Farwell out of habit, but the thought of their currently ambiguous relationship made her change her mind. “Thank you. I appreciate it very much.”

As what she almost called him by didn’t escape his notice, Lucian’s gaze darkened although he refrained from commenting. Meanwhile, the children surrounded Roxanne and gasped in awe.

“Mommy, you’re gorgeous!” “The necklace really suits you. In fact, it looks even more beautiful on you!” “Mr. Farwell has a sharp eye indeed!”

The praise they showered on her caused Roxanne to blush. Trying hard to hide her emotions, she looked down at the children and smiled. “You haven’t opened the presents I bought you, have you? Let’s go inside and do it.”

Elated by the mention of presents, the children followed Roxanne into the mansion. After the children settled down on the sofa to open their presents, jubilant cheers echoed in the living room from time to time..

When she saw how happy the children looked, Roxanne beamed with satisfaction. At that moment, a warm and familial atmosphere filled the living room.

Standing by the side and watching Roxanne interacting happily with the children while wearing the necklace he gave her, Lucian couldn’t help but imagine it to be a proposal ring that Roxanne was wearing on her finger. I wonder how long does Roxanne want me to wait…

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, the children’s voices suddenly rang out beside his ear. “Daddy, look! I’m wearing the same outfit as Archie and Benny!”

Estella’s voice brimmed with excitement. When Lucian looked down, he noticed all three of them were wearing the T-shirts and shorts Roxanne bought them.

She had chosen vibrant colors on purpose so that both boys and girls would look equally good in them. Dressed in the same outfits, the children looked up at Lucian.

In that instant, he suddenly felt as if all three of them resembled each other. Nonetheless, the feeling quickly dissipated. when they turned their attention away. “Daddy, help us take a picture!”

Only Estella maintained her gaze as she tugged at his sleeve. “I want to take a picture!” When Lucian raised Estella, he seldom took pictures of her. Hence, the only pictures at home were mostly taken by Sonya when she visited.

However, ever since Estella began to spend time with Roxanne, the latter’s habit of taking pictures rubbed off on her. Thus, she would often wish to have her picture taken for the sake of memory. Since it was a simple task, Lucian had no reason to refuse. Whipping out his phone, he did his duty as the cameraman.

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