Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1403

While the boys were enjoying themselves, they were moving pretty slowly. Thus, after Roxanne watched them for a while, she also helped out. Soon, everything in the vehicle was carried into the mansion.

Meanwhile, Estella climbed into the car to assist the boys. When she left, she spotted the white box on the passenger seat. Intrigued, she brought the box out of the car and asked, “What’s this, Mommy?”

Everyone turned to the girl when they heard that. Upon eyeing the box, Roxanne subconsciously glanced at Lucian. He just stood at the side nonchalantly as though that box had nothing to do with him.

Since the adults didn’t tell Estella she couldn’t touch it, and she didn’t receive a reply from Roxanne, she opened it out of curiosity. It was then Roxanne saw what was inside in the box.

“It’s so pretty!” Estella stood on her toes and lifted her hand to let her mother see the object taken from the box. “Is this Daddy’s gift for you, Mommy?”

In response, Roxanne lowered her eyes and saw a platinum necklace embedded with a glittering diamond in the girl’s palm. It looked simple yet exquisite. The boys sauntered closer to their mother with intrigue when they heard what their sister said.

Upon seeing it was a necklace, the boys exchanged glances and encouraged, “You should help Mommy put it on, Mr. Farwell! I bet Mommy will look good with it!”

Roxanne took a step back reflexively and turned to Lucian with a troubled look. I’m already embarrassed that Essie opened the gift in front of him, yet now the children are urging him to put it on for me…

“Daddy!” After trotting to her father’s side, Estella lifted the necklace and stared at him. with anticipation. Lucian lowered his head, patted the girl, grabbed the necklace, and approached Roxanne.

Even though Roxanne wanted to step away, she didn’t feel like it would be a good idea to do so in front of the children. Thus, she could only watch him arrive in front of her.

The children surrounded their parents and peered at them with excitement. Lucian grinned. “Since they’re eager to watch me put this on you, let’s just get it over with, all right?”

Why is he saying it like he’s forcing himself to do it? Resignedly, she shifted her sight toward the children and met their bright eyes.

Of course, she knew they wouldn’t stop egging her about it if she didn’t play along. Therefore, she lowered her head, revealing her fair, slender neck.

As Lucian took one step closer to her, his leather shoes entered her field of view. Then his refreshing yet mature scent rushed into her nose.

Roxanne panicked when she felt an occasional, tingly sensation on her neck. It was caused by his sleeve brushing on her neck. Moments later, he stepped back while she felt the cold necklace around her neck.

She sighed inwardly, adjusted her expression, and slowly lifted her head. Unbeknownst to her, the children saw her expression when she bent her head down.

Just as Roxanne raised her head, she heard Benny asking, “Were you blushing earlier, Mommy?”

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