Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1402

Roxanne could feel the temperature around Lucian dropping rapidly, so she interrupted the old lady. “I’m just here to check up on you all’s condition. Since all of you are doing fine, I’ll be going home now. I’ll visit if I have the time in the future.”

The residents knew her home was in Horington after chatting with her yesterday. Thus, they urged the couple to leave right away to avoid driving at night.

Roxanne didn’t feel relieved even after leaving the nursing home because Lucian was still visibly bothered by the old lady’s words. Resignedly, she comforted, “Uhm… Don’t take that granny’s words to heart, Lucian. There really isn’t anything between Mr. Damaris and me.”

He glanced at her. “Do you converse with him often?”  “It’s just medical stuff. That’s all,” clarified Roxanne seriously. I only got to know Jack because we’re in the same field. Aside from matters related to medicine, there isn’t anything else for us to talk about, so there’s no way I’ll have feelings for him.

When Lucian heard that, his expression returned to normal. When the two of them returned to the car, she still placed the box on her thighs instead of opening it.

“What aren’t you opening it? Do you not like it?” He started the engine and glanced at her through the rearview mirror. Shaking her head, she replied, “No, I just want to open it after we return.”

She was too embarrassed to open his gift in front of him, especially when she didn’t know what he had bought. Disappointment flashed past his eyes when he heard that, though he didn’t force her..

By the time they arrive in Horington, the sky had turned dark. Lucian sent Roxanne straight back to the mansion. The children were playing around with Linda in the living room.

Upon hearing the sound of a car, they scampered to the entrance. “Mommy! Daddy!” Estella immediately clung to Roxanne’s leg and looked at her. Grinning, Roxanne patted the girl’s head. “Did you miss me?” Estella nodded and replied cutely, “I missed you a lot! Aunt Linda told us she was going to video call you just earlier.”

The boys stood behind their sister obediently while gazing at their parents. Since their sister was hogging their mother, they could only approach their father.

However, they still weren’t too used to doing that kind of stuff, so they carefully stared at him instead. Lucian grinned and strolled toward the boys as though he could read their minds. “Your mommy bought a lot of gifts for you two. Come and help me unload them from the car.”

He patted them before turning to the trunk and opening it. The boys were already happy their father patted them, so when they saw a trunk full of gifts before them, they were downright ecstatic. Obediently, they went to him and lent him a hand.

Lucian carried the bags out of the trunk while they transported them into the mansion like they were porters. When Roxanne witnessed that scene and saw how enthusiastic the boys were, she was amused.

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