Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1401

“When did you buy it?” questioned Roxanne with a slightly tense tone and trembling eyelashes. We didn’t leave each other when we were in the mall, and I didn’t see him buy a gift.

Lucian knitted his eyebrow and answered in a resigned tone, “When I brought my bags here earlier. I didn’t expect you to get lost when I was delayed for a few minutes.”

His lips curled into a wry smile when he recalled the rare dazed look on her face from earlier. When he brought that up, she blushed and reflexively avoided his stare, inadvertently shifting her line of sight to the box on the seat.

Lucian coaxed, “Get in the car. It’s getting late. If we don’t set off now, it’ll be night by the time we return home.” Nodding hesitantly, Roxanne stepped into the seat.

He entered the driver’s seat and drove off. Meanwhile, she put the white box on her knees instead of opening them. He didn’t urge her either. After they left the parking lot, he asked, “Do you want to visit the nursing home first, or should we head straight back home?”

I know she’s worried about the residents there, and we’ll be heading in its direction anyway. His question came as a surprise for Roxanne. She pondered for a moment and answered, “The nursing home first.”

“Okay.” Lucian then drove toward the destination. Seeing how familiar he was with the path to the nursing home, she wondered, I don’t remember telling him the address, yet he seems to know where to go… No, I shouldn’t overthink it.

After the car was parked in front of the nursing home, Roxanne stepped into the building. She saw the doctors were still busying about, but she could tell from their expressions that the rest of the residents were in good condition.

Still, she approached a few doctors and asked them about the situation, It wasn’t until she had confirmation the residents were doing fine that she relaxed.

Before she left, she came across a few of the residents she examined yesterday. They were worried when they saw Jack wasn’t with her. “Why didn’t you visit with Dr. Damaris today, Dr. Jarvis? Did you two have a fight?”

Roxanne was bidding the other residents goodbye with a smile when she heard that. Her grin froze before she turned around and explained resignedly to the old woman speaking to her. “You have misunderstood our relationship, granny. Dr. Damaris and I are just colleagues…”

Just as she ended her sentence, she felt the person behind her stepping closer to her. She didn’t mind since it wasn’t the first time they stood so intimately with each other. Moments later, she saw the realization in the residents’ eyes.

“Ah, it does seem like we’ve misunderstood your relationship with Dr. Damaris, Dr. Jarvis. This is your boyfriend, right?” The old woman swiftly corrected herself and inspected Lucian briefly. “Hmm, he’s tall and handsome. I think he’s a good fit for you, Dr. Jarvis.”

Roxanne opened her mouth, intending to offer some clarification. However, when she thought about the things that happened between her and Lucian, she didn’t have it in her to deny that statement.

The edges of Lucian’s mouth curved upward. He behaved gentlemanly with no intention of denying it, too. The old woman stared at Roxanne caringly. “Is he a doctor too?”

“He’s not,” Roxanne replied rigidly. In response, the old woman shook her head and remarked sincerely, “Then he’s a little lacking compared to Dr. Damaris. I don’t think you two have much to talk about since you two are not in the same profession…”

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