Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1400

Roxanne was getting too drained to move. However, she didn’t want to wait at her spot because her current location was still quite far away from the parking lot, and waiting for Lucian’s was equally tiring. Hence, she continued to advance slowly with the bags in her hands..

However, it had been a long while since she was in Jadeborough, and there had been many significant changes in the city, especially in the commercial district. The many intersections were also challenging to identify. After she passed through an intersection, she couldn’t recall where the parking lot was.

She hesitated briefly before sitting on a bench at the side of the road and putting the bags down. It’s hard to say if I’ll find the parking lot if keep going. Even worse, Lucian may not be able to locate me…

After a while, she received a call from Lucian. Promptly, Roxanne picked up the phone. “Where are you?” He sounded tense. She guiltily surveyed her surrounding and answered, “In front of a Starbucks.”

Then, fearing he couldn’t find her, she added, “I only passed by an intersection. It should be easy for you to find me.”

“Got it. Stay where you are. I’ll be right there.” Lucian furrowed his eyebrows resignedly. / asked her to stay because I was worried she’d grow tired and lose her way. It’s very easy for someone unfamiliar with the intersections in the commercial district to get lost. I didn’t expect she would disobey me. Thank goodness I know where the Starbucks is.

Soon, he spotted Roxanne sitting on a bench, looking like a child who felt guilty for losing the way after running around. The guilty expression on her countenance intensified when she saw him. Upon rubbing her nose, she stood and picked up the bags.

“Didn’t I ask you to stay there?” Lucian promptly lent a helping hand. Roxanne reflexively defended herself, “I thought I could walk further, but…”

As she spoke, she saw him grabbing half of the bags on the ground. Lucian stopped when one of his hands was full and watched Roxanne take the rest with one hand as well.

Just as she straightened her back and wanted to apologize, her free hand was seized by him. Then, he uttered calmly, “I’ll walk slowly. Follow me closely.”

He’s treating me like I’m a child… She blushed as she hummed a reply in acknowledgment and followed him. After passing through the intersection, she realized she wasn’t too far off from her destination. It was just that she went the opposite way when passing by a crossroads.

Upon realizing her foolish mistake, she felt very frustrated and regretful. Lucian led her to the underground parking lot before letting go of her hand. Then he placed the bags orderly in the trunk.

By the time Roxanne returned to her senses, the trunk was already full, so she had to put her bags into the backseat. She felt exasperated again upon seeing the packed trunk. I was so focused on buying gifts. for the children that I didn’t notice I went overboard.

After she deposited her bags in the backseat, she opened the door to the passenger seat and saw a delicate white box on it. She paused momentarily before staring at Lucian and spotting an anticipatory look in his eyes, “It’s a gift for you: See if you like it.”

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