Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1399

Upon hearing that, Roxanne turned to him. reflexively. It feels like we’re a married couple planning our next trip, but we aren’t because of my selfishness and worries. As a result, the boys still don’t have a father

As she thought about that, a look of remorse. flashed past her eyes. Lucian detected the sudden change in her mood and inquired, “What’s the matter? Are you worried about the elderly in the nursing home?”

Pursing her lips, she squeezed out a smile at him. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about the children and wondering how they’re doing right now.”

He comforted, “We’re returning in the afternoon, so we’ll see them soon. They’re smart, so they can take care of themselves.”

Roxanne nodded. Moments later, Lucian parked the car in the underground parking lot under the commercial district. After they entered the mall, they went straight to the children’s department.

She knew what the children liked, so her hands were quickly full from carrying a bunch of stuff, like toys and clothes. They shopped until it was afternoon. By that point, Roxanne’s mood was back to normal.

She glanced at her phone and saw no doctors had contacted her. Thus, she knew the situation in the nursing home was all right and went to pay for her items. Just as she was going to use her phone to pay, Lucian handed his bank card to the cashier.

Roxanne was taken aback for a moment. When she returned to her senses, she rejected, “I can pay.” While the items were meant for children, they cost more than ten thousand in total. Hence, she didn’t want him to pay.

However, he sternly said, “Some of these are presents for Essie. Besides, Archie and Benny like me. I feel like I should gift them something. I’m not great at picking presents, so I’ll pay for the ones you choose. Consider these our gift to them.”

Hearing that, Roxanne hesitated. Meanwhile, the cashier grinned at her as they held the bank card. “Since you two are together, you should let him pay. Our store always has a rule that the dad should be the one to do it.”

Again, Roxanne pondered about her decision. She had the money to buy the items, but the employee’s words were making her waver.

I suppose the boys will be happy if Lucian is gifting them these as their father. With that thought in mind, she put away her phone and expressed her gratitude. “I thank you on behalf of my children.”

Lucian frowned, seemingly displeased by her polite attitude. However, he was aware he couldn’t really say anything at the moment, so he silently accepted her gratitude and gestured for the cashier to use the card. After paying for the items, they left the mall with many bags.

Regret bubbled in Roxanne’s heart after they walked for a while. I bought too many things for the children, especially Archie and Bennie. Ugh, it’s quite difficult to walk with these two Lego spaceships I bought for the boys. It takes up so much space!

Her speed gradually decreased as she searched for something to put the bags on to rest her hands. “Wait for me here. I’ll take these to the car before driving here to pick you up,” Lucian said. Before she could reply, he quickened his steps and went to the parking lot with hands full of bags.

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