Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1398

Just as Roxanne ended the call, someone knocked on her door. When she opened it, she saw Lucian standing outside. His eyebrows remained furrowed as though he didn’t expect her to open the door that quickly.

“What’s the matter?” Roxanne was puzzled. “Have you taken care of your matters? It’s about time for you to leave, right?” Slowly, his eyebrows relaxed. “Almost. I was wondering if you want me to drive you to the nursing home.”

In reality, he just wanted to ensure she didn’t speak with Jack for too long. Upon recalling Jack’s words, Roxanne said, “Thanks, but I don’t need to visit the nursing home today. The elderly with serious illnesses had received their examinations yesterday, so all that’s left today are the healthy ones.”

“Then we should return home soon,” suggested Lucian. The children are still waiting at home, andHorington’s branch requires my assistance. Most importantly, if we keep staying here, it’ll be hard for me to prevent her from interacting with Jack if he shows up.

Initially, she wanted to agree to that, but she was concerned there would be accidents at the nursing home, so she thought about it and refused. “You can return first if you’re in a hurry. I think I’ll go back a little later.” As he knitted his eyebrow, he gazed at her scrutinizingly.

Knowing he had misunderstood something, Roxanne explained resignedly, “I’m worried that I missed someone with a serious condition yesterday. If the doctors there spot any today, I’ll be able to head over there in time to treat them. So, I want to stay in Jadeborough for half a day.”

His expression relaxed as he nodded. “I’ll keep you company.” His tone was so natural that it stunned her. Lucian clarified, “I brought you here, so I should be the one to bring you back. Besides, I don’t have anything important going on right now. I can stick around for a little longer.”

She was touched. He didn’t say it, but I know he’s only waiting for me. Still, it’ll probably be boring to wait in the hotel for half a day if nothing happens in the nursing home. How about….

When her train of thought ended, she suggested, “Since it’s still early, let’s go shopping and buy some presents for the children.” This way, we won’t get bored, and I can

still respond to anything that crops up in the nursing home on time! Besides, we’ll be able to bring some presents back home for the kids. I bet they’ll be happy to receive them.

Lucian nodded. Thus, they packed their bags and checked out before he drove them to the commercial district. On their ride there, they occasionally exchanged a few words in a comfortable atmosphere.

The last time Roxanne came to Jadeborough was six years ago. Many things in the city had changed during those six years, so much so that she found the place somewhat unfamiliar..

Thankfully, Lucian was there to explain patiently what changes had been made to the city, when, and why. She very much enjoyed listening to his commentary.

“I heard from Madilyn that there’s a famous children’s theme park in Jadeborough.” Her tone was filled with regret when she said that. / bet the children would be thrilled to visit that place.

He immediately guessed what was on her mind. with her tone alone. So, he said, “The next time we bring them here, we’ll stop by the place.”

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