Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1397

Roxanne wasn’t sure what was going on with herself, but she really didn’t want to be misunderstood by Lucian, especially regarding her relationship with Jack.

After ending her sentence, she gazed at his expression carefully. Her explanation calmed him down, prompting him to withdraw his frigid expression.

“He wasn’t acting differently last night, and I had no conflict with him. I don’t know why he suddenly checked out.” He spoke as though his dispute with Jack last night didn’t happen.

Fearing that she might have misunderstood. him, Roxanne held back from further thinking about the matter and nodded. “Then I’ll give him a call.” Lucian’s eyes darkened as he felt the urge to stop her.

However, he just kept quiet because he believed he should act magnanimously after she explained their relationship voluntarily. After she bade him goodbye, she returned to her room and called Jack. It took a while before he answered the phone. “What’s the matter, Ms. Jarvis?”

Frowning, Roxanne confronted, “The cleaner said you checked out last night.” “Mhm,” said Jack, thinking she was wondering why he had left. To his surprise, she questioned, “What about today’s medical consultation? Are you still going?”

The look in his eyes darkened a little. Despite his displeasure, he still sounded gentle when he answered, “I won’t be going. We spent the past two days checking up on the elderly with severe affliction, so all that’s left are the relatively healthy ones. You can let the other doctors examine them. I’ll head over there if there are any problems.”

Then he sighed. “Also, I was feeling quite tired yesterday, so I wanted to rest today.” He was hinting at Roxanne to ask him about what happened last night.

However, she didn’t catch his intentions and merely said, “Then you should rest well, Mr. Damaris. Don’t worry, I can head over to the nursing home too if any problems pop up.”

Jack was not pleased and he frowned. “Thank you, Ms. Jarvis.”

She didn’t sense the change in his tone and smiled. “It’s what I’m supposed to do.”

“Oh yeah, I recently decided to develop a new medicine, which may require collaboration with your research institute. I look forward to working with you when the time comes, Ms. Jarvis.”

Without hesitation, she agreed passionately. “Sure! Oh, I almost forgot. How are you feeling right now? I remember you drank a lot last night. Do you feel unwell?”

Jack asked probingly, “I was planning to send you back first, but Mr. Farwell insisted on doing it instead. Did he take good care of you?”

“Yes, he did.” She forced herself to answer calmly and tersely as she didn’t want to say anything more than that. Upon listening to her reply, he scowled. Something must’ve happened last night! Why else would she be so unwilling to speak further?

“You should rest if you’re tired, Mr. Damaris. I won’t bother you anymore,” uttered Roxanne nonchalantly. Knowing he shouldn’t say anything else, Jack replied in a deep voice and waited for her to hang up the phone.

Immediately after the call ended, he glowered. If my guess is correct, her attitude toward Lucian has softened! It’s only a matter of time before. they remarry if I keep waiting! I need to do Something.

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