Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1395

Roxanne had only just calmed down. However, when she heard what he said, the redness on her face that had not subsided suddenly spread to her ears again. “It’s getting late. I want to shower and change.

Please get out!” Her face was as red as a tomato when she struggled out of Lucian’s arms. She pretended to be angry as she looked at the man before her.

Lucian frowned slightly and helplessly said, “But this is my room.” Roxanne’s expression froze when she heard his reply. She quickly looked around the room.

Sure enough, she did not see the suitcase she had placed beside the bed. This isn’t my room. Just as she was about to ask Lucian why he had brought her to his room, he took the initiative to explain. “You drank too much last night, and I didn’t have the keycard to your room, so I could only bring you here.”

Roxanne could not refute his explanation. She frowned as she looked around the room. The clothes she wore last night were neatly folded by Lucian and placed at the foot of the bed. They still stunk of alcohol, so she could no longer wear them.

She was only wearing a robe provided by the hotel, and there were love marks all over her neck and the top of her chest. Roxanne felt she had no courage to walk out with only this robe on. All of a sudden, she felt troubled.

Lucian got out of bed and said in a deep voice, “I’ll shower first. You should sleep a little longer. I’ll grab some clothes for you later.” Roxanne hesitated for a moment but agreed since there was no other choice.

Lucian made his way toward the bathroom. The muscles on his back bounced slightly as he walked. Roxanne’s gaze landed on the red claw- like marks on his back.

Roxanne gasped and covered herself with the blanket, blushing from embarrassment. All she could hear was the sound of water coming from the bathroom. After some time, the water stopped.

Roxanne subconsciously tensed up. She did not know how to face Lucian. “I’ll go and grab your clothes for you.” Lucian opened the door and left after telling her that. Luckily, he did not make things difficult for her.

Only then did Roxanne peek out from under the blanket and sigh in relief. While Lucian was not in the room, she hurriedly got up from the bed and entered the bathroom.

She did not expect a lingering cold breeze inside the bathroom. It was evident that Lucian had taken a cold shower. A complicated look crossed Roxanne’s eyes. when she realized that. Her worries about the night before also dissipated.

Only when she was showering did she remember that Lucian had helped clean her after their steamy session last night. No wonder I felt nothing strange except my sore waist when I woke up this morning…

Roxanne felt her cheeks redden when she remembered that Lucian had helped to clean her. She would not have been that embarrassed if they had only done the wild thing.

After all, they did it six years ago, and she had been the one to initiate it back then. I can’t believe he helped me to clean my body.. All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door.

Roxanne quickly composed herself and scooped some water to pat her face trying to calm herself down. “I left your clothes at the door. You can grab them when you’re done. I’ll wait for you at the entrance.” Lucian’s voice rang out from behind the door.

Perhaps it was because she had realized that Lucian had washed her body, but Roxanne felt herself become more sensitive to his voice. She was stunned momentarily before guiltily answering, “Thank you. I’m sorry for troubling you.”

There were no movements outside the door, but through the frosted glass, she could see that Lucian had placed her clothes on the chair before he left.

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