Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1393

The next morning, Lucian woke up first. Roxanne had drunk too much and gone through a lot the night before, so she was still fast asleep in his arms.

Lowering his head, Lucian was met with the adorable sight of Roxanne’s face. Her breaths were soft and steady, her long, doll-like lashes quivering slightly.

When he moved his gaze downward, the marks he left on her body came into view. Right at that moment, memories of the previous night rushed into Lucian’s head..

His breathing turned labored as he wrapped his arms around Roxanne tightly. Overcome by his emotions, he trailed feather-light kisses on her forehead, her eyes, and down her neck. Feeling something ticklish on her face, Roxanne struggled to wake up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Lucian’s handsome features right before her and felt his. hot breath fanning over her face. Lucian was holding her waist, his touch scorching her skin.

Roxanne froze for a few seconds before realization hit her. Like a startled prey, she shoved Lucian away and bolted upright in bed while holding the blanket to her body.

The soreness that shot up from her waist made her flinch, but she gritted her teeth and stopped herself from crying out. “You…”

She widened her eyes in panic and questioned, “What happened? Why are we here like this?” Lucian couldn’t help but frown when she suddenly pushed him. “You don’t remember?”

Roxanne was tense all over, and upon hearing Lucian’s question, she was further taken aback. “What do you mean?” Even though she did not want to face the truth, her sore waist and the marks on her body were solid evidence of what had happened. Last night, we really…

However, Roxanne only remembered being forced to drink a lot at the restaurant and then being led out with Jack’s help.

Her memory of the happenings afterward, including Lucian’s appearance, was blurry, She had no recollection at all as to what occurred after they returned to the hotel. So what really happened last night? Judging from Lucian’s tone, it sounds like I was the one who took the initiative. Oh no…

Roxanne grew more anxious the more she thought about it. When she saw Lucian’s confused expression, guilt flashed across her eyes. “You were drunk last night. I brought you back and fed you hangover medicine.”

While rubbing his temple, Lucian sat up and recounted the events last night. “When I came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, you suddenly approached me. I warned you, but…”

Lucian only had a towel wrapped around his waist, and red marks covered his exposed torso. At that point, Lucian turned to glance at Roxanne. He did not need to speak further; Roxanne could already guess what transpired thereafter.

He warned me, but I wouldn’t stop clinging to him. Upon remembering that scene, Roxanne averted her eyes as a blush painted her cheeks. That’s true. There’s no way Lucian would take advantage of me while I was drunk. But why did I act that way?

Lucian’s eyes grew dark when he saw Roxanne’s reddened face. He went on, “I did consider the possibility that you’d react like this when you wake up, so I kept stopping you. But you wouldn’t listen.”

Roxanne turned around to defend herself, but the marks on Lucian’s chest came into sight like a reminder of how passionate she had been the night before.

For a moment, she was stumped for words. Her face flushed with embarrassment as she gripped the blanket with despair, overcome with the urge to bury herself in it. What was with me last night? Why was I so…

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