Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1392

Not daring to glance at the woman on the bed again, Lucian headed straight into the bathroom. After a cold shower, he barely managed to contain the burning desire within him.

Lucian decided to spend his night on the couch. Yet, the moment he opened the bathroom door, an alluring-looking Roxanne came up to him. and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Lucian paused abruptly and looked down at the woman before him. Roxanne’s lips were still red and swollen from the kiss earlier. With half-lidded eyes, she tiptoed forward to close their distance. “Roxanne?”

Heat gushed toward Lucian’s lower body as he took in the way Roxanne looked. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse. As if not hearing him at all, Roxanne sealed his lips with a soft moan.

Lucian’s cold shower proved to be useless in face of Roxanne’s unexpected attack. Placing his hands over her slim waist, he walked her to the bed.. After laying Roxanne down, Lucian held himself back with all his might and clamped her wrists with his hands, forcefully putting a distance. between them. “Did you have a dream?”

That was the only explanation Lucian could think of. Although Roxanne had already accepted him, he could see from the way she usually acted that she wasn’t ready to take their relationship to the next step yet, much less initiate something like this..

There was a dazed look in Roxanne’s eyes. When she heard Lucian, she frowned slightly in confusion. Then she began squirming in an attempt to get closer to him.

Lucian’s gaze was as deep as the sea. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he looked at Roxanne, but in the end, he clenched his jaw and turned away. He was scared he would lose control if he kept seeing her that way. She’s drunk. If something happens now, she might regret it later. “Lucian…”

Unable to touch the man above her, Roxanne whined and stared at him with moist eyes. Lucian gulped hard when he heard her voice. Instinctively, his hands slackened a bit.

The next moment, Roxanne struggled out of Lucian’s grip and pressed against him, igniting the fire within him. The last bit of rationality in Lucian dissipated with that. With heavy breaths, he leaned in and took over.

After the passionate session, Roxanne was totally knocked out. Lucian was about to massage her waist, but before he could even touch her, she croaked, “No more…”

She reflexively raised her hand in defense even in her sleep, albeit weakly. A dark look fleeted across Lucian’s eyes again at her voice. Nevertheless, he suppressed his urge out of consideration for her and carried her into the bathroom.

After dousing himself in cold water, he cleaned Roxanne up. Having had a warm shower, Roxanne drifted off to deep sleep in his arms. If it weren’t for the marks on Roxanne’s body, Lucian would have thought everything that happened earlier was just a dream.

He brought her back to the bed and carefully dressed her in pajamas. Roxanne was obviously exhausted as she did not wake up throughout the process.

When Lucian settled Roxanne down, he hesitated for a while before finally lying down beside her. We’ve already done everything, so there’s no need to worry about things like this. With that in mind, Lucian pulled Roxanne into his embrace and closed his eyes with satisfaction.

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