Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1391

Meanwhile, Lucian arrived downstairs and went into the car with Roxanne in his arms. She was so deep asleep that she did not stir at all. After putting a jacket over her and fastening her seatbelt, Lucian got into the driver’s seat and drove back to the hotel.

Worried that he might wake Roxanne up, he drove very slowly. By the time they got back to the hotel, it was already past nine at night. “Roxanne?”

Lucian parked the car and softly called out to Roxanne. In response, Roxanne scrunched her eyebrows slightly. She then pulled the jacket over her shoulder and covered her ears.

Seeing that, Lucian couldn’t resist stroking her hair. He got out of the car quietly before carrying her off the car seat. It was breezy outside. Despite the jacket draped over her, Roxanne instinctively snuggled into his chest.

Lucian held her tighter and quickened his pace, though his steps remained steady. At the sight of the sweet couple, the people in the hotel lobby looked over with surprise and envy.

Ignoring their gazes, Lucian headed upstairs. He did not even spare a glance at Roxanne’s room when he passed by. Instead, he brought Roxanne to his room.

Just as he was about to set her down on the bed, Roxanne seemed to sense something and held on to his shirt tightly. Lucian could only bend down and gently coax, “Be good and let go. I won’t leave. It’ll be uncomfortable if you sleep like this.”

While he spoke, he pulled away her fingers lightly. Perhaps Roxanne heard him, as she furrowed her eyebrows again and released him. Lucian couldn’t help chuckling when he saw her expression. After tucking her in, he caressed her head.

As the effect of alcohol kicked in, Roxanne frowned in discomfort and whimpered. Lucian immediately stood up to pour her a glass of water. Next, he called the front desk and asked for some hangover pills.

He finally managed to put the pill in Roxanne’s mouth after a few attempts, but she did not swallow it even after some time. Noticing that, Lucian held the glass next to her lips so she could take the pill with water.

However, it seemed that Roxanne was unhappy about being fed the pill, so she refused to open her mouth. “Roxanne, be a good girl. Open your mouth and eat the medicine,” said Lucian while pinching her cheeks gently.

Roxanne turned her head away with a pout and buried herself in the blanket. Her eyebrows were deeply furrowed, unwillingness written all over her face.

“No, I can’t drink anymore. I’m serious…” she muttered while shaking her head repeatedly under the blanket. Apparently, she thought someone was feeding her alcohol.

While Lucian felt sorry for Roxanne, he also found her antics amusing. The warm water in his hand was getting cold. Narrowing his eyes, Lucian lifted the glass to his mouth and took a sip.

In her stupor, Roxanne felt someone pulling her blanket away. She hurriedly reached out to grab it, but someone captured her chin just then. She was forced to open her mouth as a hand pinched her chin. The next moment, she felt something warm on her lips. “Hmph…”

Roxanne was forced to swallow the water from Lucian’s mouth. She was about to push him away, but as her dry throat felt nourished, she slowly retracted her hands. When Lucian sensed Roxanne’s cooperation, his gaze darkened.

He should have stopped after feeding her water and making sure she swallowed the pill, but he couldn’t hold himself back from clasping her chin again and savoring her lips. It was only when Roxanne ran out of breath and began struggling that he reluctantly let her go..

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