Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1390

Lucian did not even try to deny Jack’s words, and he looked as hostile as ever. It seemed that Roxanne felt uncomfortable because of his tight hold, so she whined and struggled a bit.

Sensing her movements, Lucian loosened his grip and patted her on the shoulder to calm her down. When Jack saw the intimate interaction between the couple, his displeasure grew.

“Ms. Jarvis and I just drank a little wine with the patients’ families. We cured the elders, so their family members enthusiastically insisted on thanking us. I was planning to drive Ms. Jarvis home since she’s drunk.”

It sounded like Jack was simply explaining, but anyone smart enough could decipher the meaning hidden behind his words.

Jack was basically declaring that Roxanne and he were from the same world. They cured the elders together and accepted the families’ gratitude together, and all these had nothing to do with Lucian..

Naturally, Lucian knew what Jack was trying to imply. The former’s face turned stern as he said, “Thanks for your reminder, Mr. Damaris. I’ll tell Roxanne to drink less next time in gatherings like this.”

Just like that, he retorted Jack’s provocation. Afterward, Lucian added, “It’s getting late. I’l take Roxanne back to the hotel so she can rest. There are a lot of things in my car, and I don’t want to let you feel uncomfortable in a cramped space. Please just wait for your driver to pick you up, Mr. Damaris.”

With that, Lucian turned around and left with Roxanne Jack boiled with rage as he watched the couple’s leaving figures..

“Mr. Farwell, are you backtracking now? How come I remember that you always treated your ex-wife coldly six years ago? You seemed to dislike her a lot,” he couldn’t help but mock.

Pausing in his tracks, Lucian admitted his fault frankly, “I had indeed lost my mind six years ago and made Roxanne suffer. But now, I know. my own feelings very well. Roxanne can only be mine. Mr. Damaris, I suggest you stop making useless efforts.”

Jack sneered, “If I remember correctly, it hasn’t been long since you canceled your engagement with your previous fiancée. And now, you’re declaring your dominance over Ms. Jarvis. How ridiculous!”

The implication of his sarcastic words was clear-Jack was set on snatching Roxanne from Lucian. Lucian turned around and shot a glance at Jack. “So what? Roxanne is the mother of my daughter. Just that fact alone proves that our relationship is impenetrable by outsiders.”

Right after Lucian said that, he felt something heavy against his body. Lowering his head, he saw that Roxanne had fallen asleep in his arms. She was resting against his chest, looking like she was about to collapse any time.

Lucian’s eyes softened as he looked at Roxanne’s sleeping face. He then bent down and carried her. In her sleep, Roxanne could smell a scent that made her feel safe. She leaned into Lucian and put her hand over his chest, grabbing his shirt.

Even when his designer shirt was wrinkled by Roxanne’s action, Lucian only smiled dotingly and walked downstairs. Under the influence of alcohol, Jack was even more incensed to see the two leave together. His eyes turned red with rage, and his hands. balled into tight fists. So what if they have a child?

After spending the day with Roxanne and discovering her impressive comprehension of medical knowledge, Jack was determined to win Roxanne over.

She was the only one qualified to do research in medicine with him and build their own empire in the medical field. I still have a chance as long as Lucian and Roxanne don’t remarry. I’m going to make Roxanne mine!

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