Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1389

Just then, Jack’s muffled voice rang out beside Roxanne. “Ms. Jarvis, are you okay?” Roxanne forcefully blinked her eyes to clear her head, but all her efforts proved futile.

Despite having heard Jack’s question, she couldn’t muster the energy to reply, so she could only acknowledge him by holding eye contact.

Jack had also drunk quite a lot, and after noticing how intoxicated Roxanne was, he knew it was time to bid farewell to Terence and the family members.

“It’s getting late. We should be heading back to get some rest. We’ll still have to return to the nursing home tomorrow to continue the treatments.”

Upon hearing that, the crowd knew better than to take up any more of the duo’s time. As such, everyone expressed their gratitude once more before seeing Roxanne and Jack out of the restaurant.

With Roxanne in such a drunken stupor, Jack had to keep her steady by holding her arm. There were even a few instances when he tried to pull the doctor into his arms so they could walk together a little easier.

However, despite being inebriated, Roxanne still subconsciously avoided his touch and stumbled down the road. Naturally, Jack wasn’t happy about that.

I realize Roxanne’s been intentionally avoiding all physical contact with me since this morning’s medical consultation… Is it because of Lucian? Argh! How exactly has their relationship progressed?

“Mmph…” Roxanne groaned as she almost bumped her head against the wall. Jack composed himself and strode toward her, determined to grab her waist and lead her away.

Alas, before he could do so, a flurry of footsteps rang out, and a large hand swiftly pulled Roxanne into a tight embrace. “Let her go!” Jack shouted, his brows knitted into a frown.

The next second, his gaze darkened when he realized who the man was. As Lucian steadied Roxanne with one hand wrapped around her, he fixed Jack with a cold- eyed stare. “I believe I should be saying that instead, Mr. Damaris,” Lucian uttered. “What were you going to do to my woman?”

Dealing with the branch office had been pretty fuss-free, so Lucian returned to the hotel as soon as he settled all work matters. However, he began to worry when Roxanne hadn’t returned for dinner and wasn’t answering his calls either.

In desperation, he drove straight to the nursing home, only to be told that the person in charge had taken Jack and Roxanne out for dinner.

After rushing down to the restaurant, he was shocked to see an intoxicated Roxanne and Jack, who was about to make a move on her. The more Lucian thought about it, the more his face darkened.

Jack hadn’t expected Lucian to show up, so it was no surprise that the latter’s questioning left a bad taste in his mouth. “What brings you here, Mr. Farwell?” he asked warily, though he had other questions in mind.

He wanted to know why Lucian was in Jadeborough with Roxanne and the relationship between the duo. More importantly, how did Lucian find out about the dinner at the restaurant? Was it Roxanne who informed him?

Then again, Jack’s intentions would be too obvious if he bombarded Lucian with those questions. Therefore, he decided to keep it short and sweet.

“Is it me, or do you not seem to want me here, Mr. Damaris?” Lucian retorted coldly as he raised his brows. “Have you not given up on my woman? What would you have done to her if I hadn’t appeared?”

Try as he might, Jack couldn’t take his eyes off the couple. The woman who had purposely avoided his touch earlier was now happily snuggled against Lucian’s chest without a care in the world. Of course, that annoyed Jack so much that he couldn’t even hide the frustration in his tone.

“You seem to have a lot of hostility toward me, Mr. Farwell. It was also like this previously. There wasn’t any evidence, yet you still suspected me of plotting against Ms. Jarvis.”

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