Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1387

It took Jack and Roxanne a while before they could pacify the elderly man and calm him down. After that, they continued treating the rest of the elderly people.

Initially, the elderly people liked Roxanne for her looks and her sweet demeanor, and they were also curious about her relationship with Jack.

However, after witnessing how the two of them treated the elderly man, the others saw the duo in a new light. During their consultations, they would eagerly list out all of their health issues.

Many even talked about the minor issues they faced every day, desperately hoping that Roxanne and Jack could make them as healthy as a horse. The two of them ended up getting heavier and heavier workloads.

Once the sessions were over, Roxanne was exhausted: “How do you feel?” Jack was tired too. He took a bottle of water and walked over to sit beside Roxanne.

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she then took the bottle he passed to her and took a sip out of it before turning back to the smiling elderly individuals. There was a look of relief visible in her eyes. “I’m tired, but I don’t mind it as long as these people get to be healthy.”

That was the aim of her trip, after all. Right as those words were out of her mouth, she recalled the technique Jack had performed earlier, and a contemplating look manifested on her face.

Seemingly reading her mind, Jack smiled and asked, “Anything you want to ask about the Damaris family’s Root Thirteen?” A solemn expression appeared on Roxanne’s face when they broached the topic of their profession.

“Where did you insert the last six needles? I can understand the starting parts because the acupuncture points were complementary, but the last six needles were not inserted into acupuncture points, were they?”

A wave of admiration washed over Jack when he heard her question. Then, it was a sense of determination to get her for himself. The woman in front of me is so quick to comprehend new medical knowledge. I mustn’t let go of her so easily. Despite those thoughts in his mind, Jack did not reveal anything on his face.

Instead, he explained patiently, “You’re right in that the last six needles were not inserted into acupuncture points. Where they should be placed should depend on the condition of the patient. It’s complicated to explain it now, but these are available in written form. Once we go back, I’ll send you the book.”

Even though he was vague with his answer, Roxanne could figure out that the book he was talking about had to be the Damaris family’s medical book, which had been passed down for generations. She knew that the book would certainly contain more information than just Root Thirteen.

Upon realizing that, Roxanne gasped and rejected him, “No, it’s fine. Please, just explain it to me in simpler terms when you’re free. That book must be very important to the Damaris family, so it’s best if you don’t just lend it to someone like me.”

Jack seemed unperturbed. “It’s what my grandfather wants as well. Medical knowledge. should not belong to only one family. It is our honor to share the Damaris family’s medical knowledge with an excellent doctor like you.”

Roxanne’s determination wavered. She was already interested in the Damaris family’s medical knowledge, but she always felt that it was something that solely belonged to the Damaris family.

She would be delighted and honored to have the Damaris family share their knowledge with her. However, she was also afraid. She wondered if she could bear the burden of Hector’s admiration..

“My grandfather said that the Damaris family’s medical knowledge would soon be known to the rest of the world. The more people who can grasp the knowledge, the more patients can be cured. It’s my grandfather’s wish to see a sight like this,” came Jack’s voice by her side.

Roxanne had to dwell on it for a long while before nodding in gratitude. “I understand. I’ll study the book as much as I can.”

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