Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1386

As if he wanted her to observe the technique better, Jack was exceptionally slow whenever he inserted the needle. Roxanne had more time to mull over the details.”

Sure enough, the way Jack inserted the needles was different from the other acupuncture techniques she had learned so far. Even though she had read some of the ancient medicine books, she had never come across the method he was using. She guessed that was what made the Damaris family’s technique unique.

Roxanne was gripped by confusion every time she saw Jack insert the needle into the acupuncture points, but once she saw the next acupuncture point he chose, she soon figured out what made them complementary. “The following insertions are the main point, so watch carefully.”

Jack suddenly turned to her and slowed his actions down as he showed her the position of his needling. Roxanne kept a close eye on his hand. When she saw him lower the needle into the position, she snapped her brows together in shock and confusion.

The last six insertions were not at any acupuncture point, and she was baffled by that. In fact, she wondered if those needles were going to do anything at all. Roxanne then lowered her gaze to study the elderly man’s condition.

Once Jack was done inserting the needles, the elderly man’s brows furrowed as redness crawled onto his face and sweat beaded on his forehead. Worried, Roxanne asked, “Sir, how do you feel? Are you feeling unwell?”

Having said that, Roxanne turned back to Jack. She was only saying that out of concern for the elderly man’s odd state, but she was afraid that Jack would think she had no trust in the Damaris family’s technique.

Luckily, Jack seemed unbothered by her question. Instead, he was standing at the side with a small, confident smile on his lips. Even when he saw the elderly man’s reaction, his smile did not fade.

Roxanne returned her gaze back to the elderly man. The elderly man seemed to be assessing himself as well. After a while, he answered, “It feels… comfortable. I’ve always felt coldness in my chest all these years, but after the acupuncture session, my chest feels warm. I don’t feel a tinge of iciness at all anymore.”

The elderly man closed his eyes to let himself dive into the physical sensation a little longer. He was looking more and more excited over time.

Jack finally parted his lips to explain, “He has rheumatism, and it’s not unusual for him to shed a little sweat during the treatment. In fact, that means the acupuncture session is doing its job.”

Roxanne nodded in understanding. After a while, Jack checked the time and took the needles out.

“Sir, you need regular acupuncture sessions for your case. The Damarises will come over to perform it for you every once in a while, so please rest well and not get too agitated for the time being.” The elderly man choked out, “I know. I know. Your acupuncture skills are fantastic…”

After keeping the last needle, Jack turned around to see the elderly man bending his knees, about to kneel before him. “Sir, please don’t! This is just our job!” Jack cried out as he hastily held the elderly man’s arms.

As tears gushed out of the elderly man’s eyes, he muttered, “You have no idea how long this problem has been plaguing me. If not for you two, I really think I’d die from this problem one day…”

Elderly people like them were lonely individuals. It was one thing for them to die from their illnesses, but another if they had to suffer from a slow-acting disease.

Without anyone to take care of them, every one of their attacks would equate to a tormenting period of living hell. The elderly man was delighted to hear from someone that his disease was curable.

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