Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1385

It was apparent that they did not buy her explanation at all. Roxanne cast a glance at Jack, hoping that he would help her out. However, Jack only smiled before turning away and changing the topic. “No matter what kind of relationship we have, it won’t affect our ability to treat you. Next, please.”

He did not deny the elderly people’s assumption of their relationship, and so the elderly people became even more confident about their guesses as they looked at Roxanne and Jack lovingly.

Upon realizing that she could not change their minds, Roxanne decided to drop the topic. Nevertheless, she later made sure not to do anything to let others misunderstand the nature of her relationship with Jack.

Roxanne ended up consulting dozens of elderly people, but their health issues were all common and not too severe. As she was fully prepared to find their conditions had worsened, she was glad to see that they seemed better than she had thought they would be.

Thank God they’re not doing as terribly as I presumed. Still, there were elderly people who were in worse conditions. When she was consulting an elderly man with rheumatic heart disease, Roxanne visibly slowed down. He’s so old, and he has no children. If he gets a heart attack…

She could not imagine how hard it would be for the elderly man. Noticing her strange behavior, Jack walked over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Roxanne gave the elderly man a pacifying smile before whispering to Jack, “He has rheumatic heart disease. I’m afraid acupuncture won’t be able to treat him. Why don’t we send him to the hospital instead?”

He would have someone to take care of him in the hospital, at the very least. Jack furrowed his brows a little before turning to smile gently at the elderly man. “Please let me give you a checkup as well.”

The elderly man liked them both, so he was cooperative with them. Jack narrowed his eyes and started giving the elderly man a checkup. Once he was certain it was indeed rheumatic heart disease, his expression turned somber.

“How is it?” Roxanne asked, Jack had already taken out his acupuncture kit He said to her, “I’ll be performing acupuncture for him. Pay attention to this. This is what I’m planning to teach you for the medical consultation this time-the needling technique that has been passed down in the Damaris family for years, Root Thirteen.”

While he spoke, Jack inserted the sterilized thin needle into the elderly man’s acupuncture point.

The look on Roxanne’s face turned into one of respect. Like a student studying under her professor, she quietly stood at the side as she stared at Jack’s movement and the acupuncture points he used.

Roxanne had once heard about the acupuncture technique, Root Thirteen, from her professor before. Even someone like Harvey admired the acupuncture technique. Every once in a while, he would sing praises of it to Roxanne, and that made Roxanne keen to find out what it was like.

However, when she told him she wanted to learn the technique, Harvey revealed to her that it was a unique technique owned by the Damaris family.

Back then, Roxanne had still been overseas. She only knew that the Damaris family was an elusive family, and when she saw the secretive way her professor acted at the mention of the technique, she started wondering if it was something he had made up to trick her.

She had never thought that the heir to the Damaris family would one day be the one to demonstrate the technique to her. As Roxanne had nothing but admiration for Root Thirteen all these years, she could not help but place her entire focus on Jack’s performance. Jack noticed it naturally, and an indiscernible smile grew on his lips.

I knew it. She’s as obsessed with medical skills as I thought she was. I might not be able as good in anything else as Lucian, and I might not have known her for as long as he did, but I’m the only one who can help her improve her medical skills!

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