Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1384

An hour later, the bus slowly drove into the nursing home. Roxanne, who was on the bus, glanced outside, only to see elderly people crowding in the yard with little caregivers around. The barren environment of the nursing home did not help make the nursing home look like a lively place at all.

“The elderly people are more careful. You don’t see the kids these enthusiastic when we went to the children’s home.” Jack’s wistful voice rang out beside Roxanne’s ears. “Maybe too many people died a few days ago, so the elderly people are frightened. Don’t be too direct with your words during your consultations later.”

Roxanne hummed in agreement. Jack had told her earlier about how one of the doctors had been too careless with his words during their medical consultation the day before and nearly made one of the elderly people faint in shock.

After hearing Jack’s words, Roxanne felt afraid. She told herself that she had to be extra careful during her consultation later. When Roxanne came, the elderly people who had come for a consultation split into two sides.

One party was worried about their health, so they were fighting against each other to line up at the more experienced middle-aged doctor’s side.

The other party was elderly people who were too lonely and wanted to have a chat. When they saw the sweet and meek young woman- Roxanne-they all gathered around her.

Roxanne patiently chatted with them as she convinced them to undergo a consultation. In no time, Roxanne became the busiest person among the doctors.

Most elderly people suffered from several health issues. Not only did Roxanne need to chat with them, but she also had to perform acupuncture on them.

Not long after, she was drenched in sweat. On the other hand, Jack did not have many elderly people who lined up on his side. When he saw Roxanne’s state, he walked over in concern: “Rest if you’re tired. I’ll watch over them for you.”

As he spoke, he took a piece of tissue and handed it to Roxanne. Roxanne took it and wiped away the beads of sweat on her forehead. “No, it’s fine. I couldn’t come over yesterday, so I should work harder today.” With that, she turned to smile at the elderly people. “Moreover, these kind people are nice to me. They don’t want me to get tired either.”

Every time Roxanne was done performing acupuncture on four to five people, the elderly people would urge her to take a rest. It was Roxanne’s guilt from the day before that prevented her from taking a break.

Jack decided to help her from the side while explaining the situation to the elderly people for her. For a moment, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

“My, you both have such a good relationship, and you’re even here to give us old folks free consultation. You’re kind!” The elderly people could not help but comment on their tacit cooperation. “Young man, you must not. mistreat this girl. She’s such a great girl you won’t be able to find someone like her anywhere else!”

Hearing that, Roxanne halted her acupuncture session and chuckled before explaining. “You’ve misunderstood the situation. We’re not Before she could finish her sentence, the elderly people smacked their thighs and interrupted her, “Misunderstand the situation? We’re no fools. We can see what’s going on. Don’t hide it anymore. Come on, tell us when you’re planning to get married!”

The elderly people were taking the topic further and further from the truth, and a resigned look crept onto Roxanne’s face. “We’re really just friends. Please don’t misunderstand us.”

The elderly people looked at them from head to toe before nodding. “We understand. You young folks don’t like us old folks asking too many questions. We won’t say a word about this anymore. Just be nice to each other, okay?”

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