Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1383

Arriving before the room door, Roxanne glanced at the shirt on herself. “T’ll wash this shirt and return it to you.”

Since they were at the food stall for quite some time and even got into a conflict with those drunkards, it was no wonder their clothes were reeking of barbecue and alcohol.

Roxanne was undeniably a little thrown off by the smell. “You probably got a shock earlier, didn’t you?” Lucian asked, sidestepping the topic Roxanne brought up.

It took Roxanne a good few seconds to process the man’s question. In response, she pursed her lips and smiled. “Yeah, a little. That was a big group. We should’ve just walked away. There’s no point getting entangled with them.”

Lucian’s brows drew together. “I don’t like the way they look at you.” In other words, he was telling her he chose not to leave because those drunkards were blatantly taking liberties with her through their words. Roxanne was taken aback, but she slowly put on a smile on her face. “Thank you.”

I was the one who suggested eating at the food stall by the roadside. But I can’t believe it had caused so much trouble for Lucian.

Roxanne expressing her gratitude was probably the last thing Lucian wanted to hear. Nevertheless, at the sight of the earnest look in her eyes, he could not bring himself to say anything more except give her a nod in acknowledgment. “Get some rest. You still have to get up early tomorrow.”

With that, he turned and headed toward the room next door. Only after watching the man enter his room did Roxanne return to hers.

She wondered if she was just her imagination, but for some reason, she felt that the expression on Lucian’s face a moment ago seemed a little gloomy. Yet, she could not figure out the reason.

As it had been a long day, Roxanne fell asleep as soon as she jumped into bed. When the alarm rang the following morning. Roxanne, not wanting to waste much time, immediately got out of bed and freshened herself up before heading downstairs to wait for Jack and the other doctors.

At seven, everyone arrived. When they saw Roxanne, several doctors who knew her went up to extend a greeting. To that, Roxanne responded with a smile..

“Did you sleep well last night?” The last to approach her was Jack, who spoke to her in a familiar and endearing tone. At the thought of how she had rejected him yesterday but gone out for supper with Lucian, Roxanne could not help feeling guilty.

When she heard Jack’s question, she vaguely answered, “Not too bad. The hotel you picked has a pretty good environment, Mr. Damaris.”

Once she finished speaking, she coincidentally caught sight of a well-suited Lucian walking out from the elevator and heading toward the hotel entrance from the corner of her eye.

Seemingly sensing her gaze, Lucian turned and looked in her direction. As their eyes met, he somewhat flashed a smile at her. Before Roxanne could make any expression, the man retracted his gaze and strode out of the hotel entrance. “What’s the matter?”

Jack noticed that she was distracted and traced her line of sight questioningly. By this time, the hotel entrance was already empty. Recalling the scene he saw last night, Jack could more or less figure out who she saw. At once, a look of displeasure crossed his face.

Nonetheless, when he turned back to look at Roxanne, he became serious again as he uttered, “It’s late. Let’s set out.”

Those words pulled Roxanne back to reality, and she quickly put on a solemn look. With that, the group got on the bus Jack booked in an orderly manner. On the bus, Roxanne and Jack sat at the front.

Along the way, Roxanne asked everything about the medical consultation yesterday, to which Jack answered all of her questions in detail. However, when Jack tried to ask her about the details of her trip, Roxanne was ambiguous. with her answer.

The matter between Lucian and her had already caused a commotion online. That was why she did not want to become the subject of discussion at work too.

However, the more she tried to cover up, the more Jack could not help but overthink. How exactly have things between the two of them progressed…

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