Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1382

Lucian, however, pulled Roxanne to sit back down. “There’s still a lot. Eat slowly.” Upon saying that, he deshelled another crawfish for her. At the sight of how calm and natural the man was, Roxanne was filled with puzzlement.

But gradually, she calmed down too. Somehow, she always felt that Lucian would never let anything happen to her whenever he was around.

Like how she had fallen into the water at the beach the other time, Lucian would always hold onto her steadily. In the twinkling of an eye, the two got back on rhythm.

Roxanne mindlessly accepted the fact that Lucian was deshelling the crawfish for her. The more she ate, the more she thought it was delicious,

They had just finished the dish when those drunkards gathered near them again. This time, they each had a glass of beer in their hands. “Hey, gorgeous. Come on, let’s be friends and have a drink together!”

One of the drunkards tried to lean closer to Roxanne. He was getting so near Roxanne that his glass almost hit her face. Roxanne scrunched her brows slightly. Just as she was about to get up and move further away, a hand reached over, firmly seized that drunkard’s wrist, and twisted his hand that was holding the glass in another direction.

An icy glint flashed across Lucian’s eyes as he lifted the corners of his lips into an unfathomable smile. “You love to drink? Come, I’ll drink with you.”

With that said, he raised his glass and brought it toward his mouth. That drunkard was stunned by Lucian’s action initially, but after he snapped back from his trance, he shook Lucian’s hand away in displeasure.

Unexpectedly, as if Lucian’s hand was like a clamp, that drunkard could not move an inch despite a fierce struggle. Instead, he found his wrist hurting from the tight grip.

“Are you f*cking crazy? Who wants to drink with you? Stay away from me if you aren’t courting. death!” the man yelled. Soon, the other drunkards had their attention on Lucian, and they began clamoring about. starting a fight..

Despite so, Lucian did not seem to notice their existence. He slowly finished his glass of beer while pinning that drunkard’s arm on the table without letting go. Witnessing the scene before her, Roxanne felt her heart nearly thumping out of her chest. What is Lucian playing at?

“Who are they? Are they filming a movie?” “Are they the so-called bodyguards? They’re all wearing the same uniform! But who will need bodyguards at a small place like this?”

Suddenly, gossip and discussions were buzzing wildly among the crowd. Roxanne vaguely sensed that those bodyguards the crowd was talking about had something to do with Lucian.

Whipping her head around, she saw three MPVs stopped by the roadside. Over ten burly men clad in suits got out of the vehicles and strode in her direction. “Damn it! He really called for backup!”

It took those drunkards a while to realize something was not right, and at once, they turned and tried to flee the scene. Nonetheless, the moment they lifted their foot, those bodyguards charged toward them and swiftly held them in place.

“Mr. Farwell.”

The bodyguard in the lead respectfully went up to greet Lucian. The latter nodded expressionlessly before handing the drunkard, whom he had been grabbing onto, over to the leader of the bodyguard.

The other drunkards, who had been shouting arrogantly a moment ago, were so astonished by what was happening that they almost sobered up and took turns begging for mercy.

“Sir, we were wrong! We will never do it again!” “Sir, please have mercy on us. We drank too much earlier and didn’t know what we were doing…”

Lucian lifted his gaze to Roxanne and signaled that she could decide how to deal with those. drunkards. Meeting his gaze, Roxanne frowned dubiously.

Those people indeed scare me out. But then again, I don’t want to make trouble. After a brief hesitation, Roxanne said, “Send them somewhere to sober up. It’s time we head back now.”

To that, Lucian nodded and took her along. Before leaving, he turned around and shot the leader of the bodyguards a knowing look. The leader instantly understood Lucian’s signal. It was, of course, a must to sober up, but just not in a way as simple as what those drunkards had expected.

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