Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1380

“I just thought you weren’t dressed warmly enough either. Aren’t you cold with just a T-shirt on?” Roxanne explained in an attempt to clear up Lucian’s misunderstanding from earlier.

Lucian turned and stared at Roxanne, who was all covered up in his shirt, and held her hand. “I won’t be cold if we stick together.” The two of them looked really intimate as they walked side by side while holding hands.

After making a lot of turns, Lucian and Roxanne arrived at a small alley. Noticing that the alley was completely dark, Roxanne flashed him a confused look and asked, “Is this the place you mentioned?”

Lucian nodded. “It’s probably closed. Let’s eat somewhere else. What would you like to eat?” As Roxanne was very hungry, a huge variety of options popped up in her head when she heard that.

After taking some time to filter through her options, she said, “Let’s have crawfish. I haven’t had them in a long time. I’m kind of craving them right now.”

Oh, wait… Most high-end restaurants are already closed at this hour, so we’ll only be able to find crawfish at the food stalls on the street. I’m not sure if Lucian will find such environments to his liking…

Noticing the conflicted look on her face, Lucian held her hand and led her toward the food stalls that lined the streets. Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief and quietly. followed behind him.

Concerned that Lucian would dislike crowded environments, she was planning on bringing him to a stall with fewer customers. However, Roxanne couldn’t help but go to the liveliest one when she got there.

Since she hadn’t been there before, she figured the one with the most customers probably had the best food. It wasn’t until they had taken their seats that Roxanne realized Lucian would probably dislike the stall she chose..

Sure enough, Lucian had a somewhat gloomy. look on his face. “I’m sorry. You don’t like dining in a noisy and crowded environment like this, do you? How about we bring the food back to the hotel, instead?” Roxanne suggested apologetically.

The frown on Lucian’s face smoothened when he realized how much she liked dining there. After observing his expression for a little while longer, Roxanne felt a little relieved when she saw that he was fine with the place. Even so, she kept trying to chat with him to divert his attention until the food was served. It wasn’t until the waiter served the food they ordered that she stopped talking and began deshelling the crawfish.

After deshelling one crawfish, Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds before placing it on Lucian’s plate. She did that to express her apology for making him dine here with her.

She waited for him to eat it before she started deshelling another one for herself. Halfway through the meal, Roxanne realized something was amiss.

Huh? That’s strange… I keep eating, but there always seems to be more crawfish on my plate.As she turned to look at Lucian, she saw that his plate was empty.

The next thing she knew, Lucian had topped up her plate with yet another crawfish that he had just deshelled. Lucian paused when he noticed Roxanne. staring at him in confusion. “What’s wrong? Does it not taste good?”

Roxanne shook her head. She was about to say something when someone bumped into the back of her head, causing her to let out a surprised squeal. “What the… Hey! Didn’t you see us coming through?”

The sound of slurred speech was soon followed by the intense smell of alcohol. Roxanne frowned as she realized they had encountered some problematic drunkards.

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