Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1379

“So, what are we going to eat?” Since he had already heard her stomach growling, Roxanne decided to be straightforward about it.

Lucian retracted his gaze and replied, “I haven’t been here in a long time, so I’m not too sure if that restaurant is still in business. Come on, let’s head downstairs.”

The two of them continued chatting as they made their way toward the elevator. That was when Jack’s door opened by a crack, and he could see them as they entered the elevator. The look in his eyes turned gloomy the moment he saw Roxanne’s outfit and recognized the man standing next to her.

That’s Lucian! So, he’s the one who came to Jadeborough with Roxanne! I can’t believe Roxanne declined my dinner invitation only to go out for supper with Lucian! Is it true what the rumors say about their relationship improving because of Essie? If that’s the case, then it’ll be near impossible for me to win Roxanne over!

Jack’s face darkened. The elevator slowly came to a halt on the first floor, and Roxanne followed behind Lucian as they made their way toward the hotel entrance.

The moment they reached the entrance, Roxanne was filled with regret. She had chosen a fairly short dress for the sake of convenience. It exposed a huge part of her body to the icy-cold winds at night.

Roxanne wrapped her arms around her body. and shivered when a blast of cold wind hit her. “Wait here for me. I’ll head back and-”

She was about to say she would go put on a jacket, but Lucian cut her off by taking his dress shirt off and handing it to her. Because they were going to have supper, Lucian was dressed rather casually in only a black dress shirt over a T-shirt.

His slender arms and veins that bulged. underneath the skin were exposed when he took his shirt off. Roxanne instinctively averted her eyes when. she saw that, only to have it fall upon his incredibly muscular chest.

As Lucian was usually dressed in formal attire, such as a dress shirt and suit jacket, she could only see that he had a huge frame. It wasn’t until she saw him in a T-shirt that she realized just how muscular he was. He looked nothing like a man who spent most of his time in the office.

Roxanne was snapped out of her dazed state. when Lucian’s voice rang out. “Are you satisfied with what you see? I’ve been keeping up with my workouts over the years.”

Her face burned bright red when she realized she had been ogling him. “I-It’s fine. I’ll go grab a jacket from my room…” she stammered while looking the other way.

Lucian frowned in displeasure. “Why? You had no issues with wearing Larry’s clothes, right?” Roxanne stared at him in confusion for a few seconds before understanding what he meant.

Oh, that’s right… Lucian saw Larry draping his coat on me when I attended an academic conference back then. I can’t believe he still remembers that! Also, is he being jealous?

Roxanne stopped fidgeting and stood there. while Lucian put the shirt on her. Unsatisfied with just draping it over her shoulder, Lucian even buttoned the first few buttons to cover her chest before letting go.

Roxanne’s face was still a little red as she caught a whiff of his refreshing scent. For some reason, it filled her heart with a sense of Security.

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