Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1378

Lucian was about to take a shower and get some rest when he heard a knock from the room next to his. After that, he could hear Jack’s voice. “Have you arrived, Ms. Jarvis?”

Jack had assumed that Roxanne had arrived as he heard the sound of people talking in the corridor above. Roxanne had just finished showering and was only wearing a robe, so she replied without opening the door, “Yeah, I just got here. I didn’t tell you because I thought you were asleep.”

Jack nodded and asked, “Have you taken your dinner yet? If you haven’t, how about we go. outside and grab a bite? We could also discuss the condition of the elderly people while we’re at it.”

Lucian’s face clouded over the moment he heard that. Knowing Roxanne, there’s no way she’ll be able to say no if he mentions those elderly people!

Roxanne really wanted to speak to Jack face- to-face, but it would be incredibly inconvenient to do so in a robe with her hair still dripping. wet.

After hesitating for a bit, Roxanne decided to turn him down. “We’ll discuss this in the car tomorrow. It’s a little late now.” Jack knew better than to pressure her any further. “All right, then. Rest well. We’ll head out earlier tomorrow morning.”

“Okay!” Roxanne replied with a smile. The look in Jack’s eyes was gloomy as he stared at her door, which was tightly shut. All he knew was that Roxanne came here by car, but he didn’t know who she came with. They rushed over even though it’s so late at night…

Roxanne waited until she heard his footsteps. fade into the distance before blow-drying her hair. She wasn’t all that hungry before, but hearing Jack talk about dinner got her feeling a little hungry when she was done drying her hair.

Roxanne was about to order some food via room service when Lucian’s call came in. “You’re still awake?” Roxanne asked in confusion.

“I was going to bed, but then I got hungry because I haven’t had dinner. You’re probably hungry too, right? How about we go eat something downstairs?” Lucian suggested in a deep voice. Roxanne was about to turn him down when her stomach growled loudly.

Because of how quiet her room was, Lucian could hear it very clearly over the phone. “I visited a place not far from here a while back, so I know a restaurant with amazing dishes for supper. It’s been quite a while since my last visit, so I kind of miss the food. But it’d be pretty boring to go eat there all by myself. Oh, well… If you’re not hungry, then I’ll just forget about it.”

What Lucian meant was he would go to bed hungry if I refused to have supper with him. Roxanne had no choice but to take him up on his invitation. “I’ll go get changed and give you a call when I’m ready to head out.”

She hung up the phone and threw on a dress that she had lying around. Although she wasn’t exactly excited about having supper, Lucian did spend the entire day. driving her here, so she couldn’t let him go to bed with an empty stomach.

Besides, Roxanne felt as though Lucian was acting a little childish, which formed a huge contrast with his usual personality. Since it wasn’t often that Lucian would behave childishly toward her, she couldn’t possibly bring herself to turn him down.

After getting dressed, Roxanne gave Lucian a call to let him know she was ready. The two of them then stepped out of their respective rooms, one after the other. The spaghetti strap dress that Roxanne had on was rather short and revealed the flawless skin on her thighs.

She looked so stunning that Lucian could not take his eyes off her when she stood before him.

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