Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1377

Alas, it seems that my idea has gone down the drain! Lucian explained helplessly, “She has a medical consultation at the nursing home early tomorrow morning, and most of the elderly there are seriously ill. After some thought, I decided I should take her here.”

Lucian could not help but feel guilty when he saw the pained look in Roxanne’s eyes as she spoke about the elderly. Jonathan was also in the medical field, so he could understand Roxanne’s feelings.

In an uncertain tone, he said, “But still, you should at least do something. You have already followed her to Jadeborough. Do you really intend to just watch over her like a knight in shining armor?”

Lucian furrowed his brows and replied, “What else can I do? I don’t know anything about medical consultation. Since you are in the medical industry as well, give me some tips, then.”

Jonathan held his forehead in exasperation. Is he seriously thinking of helping out at the nursing home tomorrow?

The man let out a long sigh in his heart before replying patiently, “From what you’re telling me, Roxanne and Jack are staying in the same hotel now. Aren’t you worried at all? You know Jack has ulterior motives toward Roxanne…”

The crease between Lucian’s brows grew deeper. He looked up at Roxanne’s room and saw that the lights had already been turned on. Recalling Jonathan’s words, Lucian could no longer sit still. Immediately, he opened the door and got out of the car.

Jonathan was still blabbering nonstop over the phone. After heading into the hotel, Lucian made a reservation for the room next to Roxanne’s. It was already almost ten at night when Roxanne entered her room.

She hesitated for a few seconds when she walked past Jack’s room but decided not to disturb him and proceeded straight to her own. room.

After a long day, Roxanne was drained. The first thing she did was take a shower. When she emerged from the bathroom, she noticed that her phone was ringing.

She cast a glance at the screen and saw Lucian’s name flashing on the caller ID.

Assuming that he was calling to tell her he had reached back safely, Roxanne answered the phone while drying her hair. “Are you back already?”

She heard a beeping sound on the other end of the line, which sounded like someone opening a door using a key card.

“I am. I just found out that the branch office had booked the same hotel for me. If I had known earlier, we could have walked together. Where’s your room?” he asked with a straight face.

A look of surprise and confusion flashed across Roxanne’s face when she heard that. She could not help but find it strange that the branch office did not inform Lucian of the arrangement earlier.

Besides, everything that happened that day. seemed to be too much of a coincidence. However, as it was nothing serious, Roxanne did not think much of it and told Lucian her room number straight away.

Right after she finished speaking, Lucian exclaimed, “808? What are the odds? I’m just next door.” Roxanne knitted her brows slightly. This is indeed too much of a coincidence…

If Lucian had not asked for her room number first, she would definitely have suspected that he had planned everything intentionally. Lucian remained standing outside the door while staring blankly in the direction of Roxanne’s room.

He and Jonathan had assumed that, after knowing that Lucian was staying next to her, the woman would have at least opened the door to take a look..

However, after he waited for some time, to his dismay, her door remained shut. Just then, Roxanne’s voice sounded. “It’s getting late. You should rest soon. You must be very tired after driving the entire day.”

She let out a yawn as she spoke. Clearly, it wasn’t appropriate for Lucian to suggest anything else. He had no choice but to agree. “You too.” Roxanne hummed in acknowledgment before ending the call.

Lucian stared at his phone and furrowed his brows in displeasure before entering his room. He could not believe that he had entertained Jonathan’s bad idea and was upset at himself for even having those thoughts.

He was worried that Roxanne would realize the uncanny string of coincidences and start doubting him. Meanwhile, Jonathan, who was at home, was wondering if he should call Lucian to ask about his progress when he suddenly felt his ear burning.

He rubbed his ear and decided against it. What if they are having… He did not want to interrupt the couple at the wrong moment and spoil the party. I’ll just wait until tomorrow!

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