Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1376

It was almost six in the evening when Cayden finally arrived. After instructing Cayden to stay and wait for the car to be repaired, Lucian got into Cayden’s car and drove off with Roxanne. When they reached Jadeborough, it was already nine at night.

Lucian sent Roxanne to the hotel that Jack had booked for the doctors. After he unloaded her luggage from the car, he glanced at the night sky and said apologetically, “Sorry to have kept you so long.”

Roxanne smiled and replied, “It’s not your fault. No one expected the accident to happen. I should be thanking you instead for sending me here even though it’s already so late.”

She knew that they had made their way to the hotel that late at night because she did not want to be late for the medical consultation the next day. They could have waited for the car to be fixed and set off the next morning.

Lucian had asked Cayden to switch cars with them because he didn’t want her to be disappointed. “It’s getting late. I should head in now. Text me when you reach your accommodation,” Roxanne said before she turned around and entered the hotel.

Lucian stood rooted to the ground, upset at the thought that the woman was staying in the same hotel as Jack. However, he knew that he shouldn’t be kicking up a fuss about that, as Roxanne was solely focused on her elderly patients, hoping that they would recover soon.

Lucian received a call from Jonathan the moment Roxanne disappeared into the elevator. He glanced at the caller ID before answering the phone coolly.

“Are you guys okay?” Jonathan asked with a trace of panic in his voice. “We’re fine. What’s wrong?” Lucian replied while getting back into the car.

Jonathan’s expression changed slightly as he asked in disbelief, “If you’re fine, why didn’t you reply to my messages? I’ve been texting you all day. I thought something bad happened to you!”

After all, it was Jonathan’s idea for Lucian to intentionally get his car to break down on the road. He could never forgive himself if they had gotten into an accident because of that.

Jonathan had spent the entire day worrying and was hurt by Lucian’s nonchalant attitude. Lucian had merely told him that he and Roxanne were fine without going into any details and even asked him if anything was wrong.

Sensing Jonathan’s tone, Lucian finally realized that his friend had been worried about him. The corners of his lips curled up into a smile as he replied, “I saw your messages but didn’t get a chance to reply. It’s a beautiful town.”

Jonathan was slightly appeased after getting an acceptable explanation. Feeling concerned, he asked, “So did the two of you…”

If things had gone according to plan, both of them should be currently trapped in the town, and naturally, they would….

“We’re in Jadeborough now,” Lucian replied placidly. Jonathan gaped in shock when he heard that. “Jadeborough? Aren’t you supposed to be in town? Are both of you together now?”

“No. Jack booked a hotel for the doctors, and she’s there now,” Lucian replied. Jonathan gasped in disbelief. “You had such a good opportunity! I can’t believe you didn’t do anything.”

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