Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1374

“Let’s go for a walk outside,” Lucian suggested after pocketing his phone. Roxanne assumed he didn’t like the interior of the pasta restaurant. She didn’t ponder over his request and nodded obligingly. After they paid for their meal, Lucian got up and took Roxanne’s suitcase. They then walked out of the restaurant.

As they strolled along the street, surrounded by the mountains, Roxanne and Lucian felt the temperature was just right despite it being past noon. Although the sun should be shining brightly, the foliage provided ample shade to keep the heat at bay.

Roxanne might be in a hurry to head to Jadeborough, but she couldn’t help but relax in such an environment. “Do you like it here?” Lucian’s expression softened when her discovered that she seemed relaxed.

Roxanne’s lips curled as she nodded. “When I first went overseas, I had the privilege of accompanying Professor Lambert on a number of excursions to the mountains, where we would search for herbs. Later, I had to stay in the lab. I do miss the feeling of being out in the wilderness but never had the chance to do so again.”

Lucian’s eyes dimmed as conflicted feelings rose in his heart. He believed that Roxanne had experienced a great deal of hardship, but it appeared that she had actually been quite content.

“Don’t you find this place beautiful?” Roxanne stared at him, her eyes sparkling under the sunlight. Lucian was momentarily dazed. He quickly regained his composure and gave a brief nod. Indeed, this town was scenic.

Nevertheless, the most important thing was that she loved it. They strolled ahead for some time until Roxanne realized it was pretty late. Concerned, she demanded to know the progress of the repair.

“Is the car done yet? If it’s still getting repaired, I’m afraid we’ll have to spend the night here. There is no hotel in this town.” Lucian fished his phone out to call the workshop.

The person on the other end of the line sounded particularly helpless and distressed. “I’m sorry to say that something came up while they were delivering the part. I’ve already urged Before he could finish, Lucian cut in unhappily, “I don’t want to hear any excuses. Just tell me when it can be done.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be done by today.” The mechanic sounded increasingly guilty. Lucian’s brows drew together deeply.

Realizing he was about to lash out at the mechanic, Roxanne gave his sleeve a careful tug. “Forget it. Let’s get someone to fetch us.” She meant to call Jack to send someone here to give them a ride.

Lucian understood her meaning. His eyebrows furrowed once again as he ended the call. Roxanne pulled out her phone to contact Jack. “I’ll ask Cayden to come here. He can drive the car back when it’s done,” Lucian said to her quickly before she could make the call.

Roxanne paused for a few moments as she thought about his proposal. After weighing up the fact that the two cities were relatively close in proximity, she eventually decided to agree to his suggestion.

Only then did Lucian call Cayden to come pick them up. Cayden agreed without hesitation.

It would take some time before Cayden arrived. Lucian seemed to be in a foul mood, so Roxanne said to him gently, “The villagers told me there is a beautiful lake right ahead. Let’s head there to take a look!”

Lucian relaxed slightly and took her hand, and they strolled to the lake. Meanwhile, the mechanics in the workshop were confused. “Didn’t he ask us to take our time? Why did he get mad at us?”

One mechanic seemed accustomed to such antics as he explained, “He is obviously courting that lady. That was just an act!” Comprehension dawned on everyone.

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