Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1373

They were slurping their pasta when Roxanne’s phone rang. Roxanne’s gaze shifted to the caller ID on her phone before she shot a quick, apprehensive look at Lucian. It was clear she was unsure whether to answer or not.

Sensing her gaze, Lucian immediately knew who it was. “It’s Jack, isn’t it?” Roxanne nodded. “I told him I might be late, so he’s probably calling to find out what happened. I’ll head out to answer it.”

She got up, ready to leave. However, Lucian stopped her. “You can answer it here. It’s related to work, anyway.” In other words, he was saying that Roxanne had no reason to hide from him if it was a work call.

Roxanne returned to her seat and answered the call. “Mr. Damaris.” Jack’s tired voice rang out. “I’m sorry. I was busy with the medical consultation and just got a chance to look at my phone. What happened?”

Roxanne explained that her car broke down halfway. She didn’t mention Lucian was with her. Jack assumed she was alone and expressed his concern.

Roxanne explained gently, “I’m fine. The car is being repaired, and I believe it will be ready soon. You don’t have to worry.” Jack still sounded concerned. “Do you need help? Should I ask someone to pick you up?”

Roxanne glanced at Lucian Lucian’s head was lowered as he focused on eating his pasta. He didn’t seem to have heard them.

“No need. I think it will be done soon. You should hurry up and treat the elderly people. I’ll join you after I’ve arrived,” Roxanne rejected his offer calmly.

Jack didn’t insist and reminded her, “All right, then. If something crops up, remember to give me a call.” Roxanne agreed. After the call ended, she grew anxious.

Jack sounded exhausted, so she assumed that they were swamped with work. She felt compelled to go there to lend them a hand. “How long will it take for the car to be done?”

Lucian stopped what he was doing. “Let me ask.”

He pulled his phone out to call the service center. The call was answered shortly after.

The mechanic sounded uncertain after he heard Lucian’s question. “I understand that you’re in a hurry, and we’re doing everything we can. Your speedometer needs to be replaced, but unfortunately, we don’t have the same model in our workshop. But we’ve already placed an order for it, and it should be delivered soon.”

Lucian’s brows scrunched up. “How much longer will it take?” The mechanic answered, “At least half an hour. I’m already urging them, so please give us more time.”

At that, Lucian shot Roxanne a helpless look. He had put his phone on speaker, but the volume wasn’t too loud. They were the only ones who could hear the mechanic’s answer.

Roxanne grew increasingly anxious when she learned it would take at least thirty minutes. As Lucian seemed displeased, she decided to appease him first. “Safety comes first. Let’s wait a bit more!”

Lucian gave a curt nod and hung up. Right then, Jonathan’s text arrived. Jonathan: How’s the town? Not bad, right? I asked many people before discovering its existence!

Lucian glanced at it and quickly locked his phone. On the other side, Jonathan was confused as he didn’t receive any reply from his friend. I went through a lot of effort to find a scenic town that happened to be beside the highway. Don’t tell me Lucian didn’t go there.

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