Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1371

I can’t believe I thought Lucian stretched his hand out to hold hands with me. He’s obviously not that childish. Noticing her silence, Lucian halted in his tracks and turned over his shoulder to ask in concern.

“A penny for your thoughts?” His voice snapped Roxanne out of her reverie. She couldn’t help but blush upon recalling the reason she fell silent. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Lucian arched a brow. He clearly didn’t believe her explanation. Roxanne caressed her stomach. “I’m hungry after walking this far. Is there anything to eat. nearby?”

As soon as she uttered those words, Lucian acted quickly, snatching her hand before she could take it back. Roxanne felt her heart skip a beat as she stared at their hands incredulously. “Come on. Let’s go find a restaurant.”

Lucian pushed the suitcase with one hand and. held her hand with his other. He slowed down so he could walk beside her. Stunned, Roxanne allowed him to lead her forward.

This quaint little town, nestled in the foothills, was known for its pleasant atmosphere and peaceful surroundings. However, it wasn’t without its shortcomings as it lagged behind in terms of development.

There were only small, cheap restaurants by the road. They walked along the entire street but failed to find one restaurant that Lucian approved of. “This will do.”

Gradually, Roxanne calmed down and stopped in front of a restaurant that sold pasta. She observed Lucian’s countenance with increasing amusement as it transformed into a look of disgust.

When she was abroad, she frequently journeyed with Harvey to some of the most isolated. mountains and rural areas.

On occasion, they would venture to remote: areas to offer medical consultation services. On other occasions, they would embark on expeditions to seek out rare and precious. medicinal plants.

Roxanne had been in poorer conditions, so she was used to eating at dingy restaurants. However, Lucian was used to eating at five-star restaurants.

His frown deepened as he stopped beside her and glanced at the restaurant she was talking about. It was clear that he didn’t like it at all. This particular restaurant looked cleaner than the others, but Lucian still thought its cleanliness wasn’t up to standard.

Roxanne said calmly, “This is the cleanest restaurant we can find here.” With that, she went up the steps. Lucian’s brows creased, but he ended up going after her.

It was noon, so the restaurant was pretty crowded. Their appearance attracted the attention of the crowd in an instant.

Roxanne seemed used to it as she found a seat and sat down. However, Lucian’s frown deepened, showing that he was on the verge of losing his temper.

Roxanne quickly assured him, “We’re obviously outsiders. It’s only natural for them to feel curious.”

Right then, the owner of the restaurant approached them with a warm smile. “Ah, you must be new to the area. You’ve certainly made the right choice!” He gave them the thumbs-up. “We take pride in our establishment, which is the cleanest restaurant in town, and our food is nothing short of delicious! Just look how crowded it is here!”

Roxanne gave him a polite smile. “Yes, I can see that.”

Hearing that, the owner grew more enthusiastic. He handed them the menu and proceeded to engage them in conversation. “You two certainly look like a couple. What brings you to our little town?”

Roxanne’s hands paused in her action of flipping through the menu as she looked at the man sitting across from her instinctively. It seemed that Lucian had accepted the restaurant, as he had returned to his usual composure and was leisurely browsing the menu.

Perhaps he looked too overbearing, for it felt as though they were in a five-star restaurant even though they were eating at a random restaurant.

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