Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1272

Following Jack’s words, even greater guilt swamped Roxanne. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy investigating the incident that day that I forgot to contact you.” Biting the bullet, she apologized to the man.

Fortunately, Jack didn’t continue pursuing the matter. He merely looked her up and down with a smile, seemingly to ascertain that she had recovered. “I’ve recovered fully now. Sorry for worrying you these past few days, Mr. Damaris,” Roxanne murmured.

“I’m glad to hear that. I went to the hospital to visit you the night you passed out, but Mr. Farwell said I’d disrupt your rest and didn’t allow me in,” Jack commented in what appeared to be an offhanded manner.

Hearing that, Roxanne turned to the man beside her. Lucian met her gaze calmly. “I told you about it. It was indeed late at that time. Mr. Damaris must have had the same concerns as me, for he didn’t insist on going in.”

That was to say, he had already told Roxanne about the matter. Jack’s expression changed drastically. Considering his personality, I thought he wouldn’t tell her that I’d been over to visit her.

Unexpectedly, he’d informed her about it. Moreover… her reaction isn’t what I’d anticipated. He studied Roxanne’s expression, but there was nothing else other than contrition toward him..

There wasn’t a hint of censure toward Lucian. At that, he retracted his gaze in slight chagrin, only to collide with Lucian’s scrutinizing look. As their eyes held, the tension between them grew by leaps and bounds.

Perceptively sensing something off with the atmosphere between them, Roxanne furtively tugged at the hem of Lucian’s shirt, signaling for him to put his hostility away.

When all was said and done, Jack didn’t do anything wrong. They were the ones who misunderstood him in the first place..

“I was discharged from the hospital the next morning, and Mr. Farwell told me about it. Thank you for giving me first-aid treatment at the research institute, Mr. Damaris. Otherwise, I might not have recovered so quickly. I apologize for not contacting you timely after being discharged.”

She gazed at the man in front of her with all the sincerity in the world while putting in a good word for Lucian surreptitiously, hoping that the tension between them would ease. Regretfully, neither of them seemed to appreciate it. Lucian snorted disdainfully.

Jack, on the other hand, glanced at Lucian before shifting his gaze to Roxanne with helplessness written all over his face. “It looks. like Mr. Farwell still has some misunderstanding toward me.”

Roxanne’s brows knitted together imperceptibly, and she threw a look at the man. beside her, wishing that he would say something.

After all, Jack was a crucial collaboration partner at the current stage. Hence, she would inevitably have to face him on a daily basis in the near future.

If she were to really get together with Lucian, the man would need to try accepting this collaboration partner of hers. She didn’t want her work to be affected again because of his jealousy after they had made their relationship official.

Sensing her gaze on him, Lucian merely spared. Jack an indifferent look. At his attitude, a pounding headache assailed Roxanne. Oh God, I can already foresee their interaction in the future!

“I came over to inquire about Dr. Galloway’s matter and ascertain your recovery. Now that things have been made clear, I won’t tarry any further. I’ve still got something to handle at Damaris Group, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Subsequently, Jack excused himself. Jolted out of her thoughts, Roxanne nodded smilingly. “See you, Mr. Damaris. I can continue doing research in two days. I’ll contact you then.”

Jack acquiesced noncommittally before speeding away. Roxanne watched as his car disappeared from her line of sight before turning to the man beside her with exasperation etched across her features.

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