Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1270

Soon, the police arrived. Colby was then escorted into the police car by the police. Before leaving, he glanced back over his shoulder and took a long look at Roxanne.

Roxanne merely held his gaze for a second before she promptly averted her eyes. Truth be told, she didn’t quite know how to face the man.

At the sight of her avoiding his gaze, Colby gave a bitter chuckle that dripped with self deprecation. He cooperatively got into the police car. Thereafter, the police car sped away.

Cayden also departed after taking his leave. from Lucian. Following that, Roxanne and Lucian were the only ones left at the entrance of the research institute.

Lucian regarded the woman beside him in concern. “What are you thinking? Are you still unwilling to believe that Colby would do such a thing?”

Lifting her eyes, Roxanne met his gaze. She said nothing, but the look in her eyes spoke volumes. Indeed, overturning one’s long-time perception toward someone wasn’t something that could be accomplished overnight, at least not for her.

Casting a gaze in the direction where the police car had left, she asked, “What will happen to him?” Immediately, a frown marred Lucian’s countenance. “Even now, you still care about him?”

Roxanne’s expression turned rueful. “You don’t understand. Ultimately, he worked with me for many years. Besides, I can’t shake off the feeling that I was part of the reason for everything he did.”

If it weren’t because I was dense in matters of the heart, and if I had realized his feelings for me earlier, perhaps all this wouldn’t have happened. My thinking was too simple. He’s an outstanding doctor, but he’s been my deputy all these years. Yet, I took it as a matter of course.

As she was wallowing in guilt, a pair of arms gathered her into a cool embrace without warning. A massive hand stroked her head. On the heels of that, Lucian’s baritone voice drifted into her ears.

“This isn’t your fault. He was the one who strayed from the path. No one expresses their love in such a manner.” Roxanne’s heart skipped a bit. She stared at his profile blankly, hoping to hear more from him.

“If he really loves you, he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to hurt you. He did many things to sabotage you, so he only has himself to blame for the consequences he’s bearing today. Pushing all the blame on you was merely his way of justifying himself.”

Well, I reckon Colby realized his mistakes when he was caught. Unfortunately, there was already no turning back for him. Hence, he could only use such a method to console himself that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

At Lucian’s analysis, the heavy boulder weighing on Roxanne’s heart slowly lifted. “But why exactly did he do all that?” Still, she couldn’t understand Colby’s motivations.

She didn’t think he was lying about anything he said before he was taken away. In fact, she believed that he really had feelings for her. However, she couldn’t figure out his reason for hurting her.

As Lucian said, if he really likes me, he wouldn’t be able to stand hurting me. The scene Lucian saw in the surveillance footage popped into his mind, and his gaze darkened a shade.

When the gas was produced, Colby was actually calling out to Jack. In other words, Jack was his real target, but Roxanne ruined his plan by accident.

However, if he had stopped the latter at that time, Jack would have definitely noticed something amiss. As such, he could only watch as Roxanne placed herself in the path of danger.

Nonetheless, Lucian didn’t plan on telling Roxanne about it. After all, she seemed to have been greatly moved by Colby’s words, and he didn’t want another man to take up space in her heart.

In any case, Roxanne hadn’t expected to obtain an answer either. When the man remained silent, she muttered, “Also, he said this wasn’t the only thing he did. What else did he do?”

Lucian stroked her hair in comfort. “I’ll investigate. Don’t dwell upon it anymore. You’ve just recovered, so rest more.”

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