Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1268

Colby kept his head bowed, his pupils darting around incessantly. Now that things have come to this, I won’t be able to keep the truth under wraps no matter what I say. Besides, Lucian has already discovered there’s a problem with that bottle of distilled water. Does he have other evidence in hand?

As his brain whirred, Lucian’s voice rang out once more. “Did you think you could get away with it by privately asking the purchasing staff. to help you sneak the medicine in?”

The instant those words fell, Colby snapped his eyes up and gaped at the man in shock. He knows! He really knows everything!

Lucian held his gaze expressionlessly. “Are you still planning to deny it at this point? Or are you only going to confess to your crimes when the police have arrived?”

Behind him, Roxanne had stepped out at some point in time and regarded Colby blankly. When Colby met her gaze, his lips twitched. An intense struggle transpired within him.

A long time passed before he ultimately admitted, “Indeed, it was me. Everything was my doing!” The very moment Roxanne heard his confession with her own ears, her legs went weak.

She instinctively shot her hand out and grabbed onto Lucian’s arm, digging her nails into her palm to retain her composure. With her eyes pinned on Colby, she questioned, “Why did you do such a thing? I don’t think I’ve wronged you in any way in all the years we’ve worked together. Even this project is a collaborative effort between us both.”

I still remember how pleasant it was to collaborate with him while abroad. Likewise, it’s still vivid in my mind that I only gained a foothold in the research institute because of him back when I first returned to the country.

But turning her gaze back to the man with a blank expression in front of her, she inevitably wondered whether the Colby she knew had ever existed.

Colby stared at her fixedly, the self-deprecation in his eyes intensifying. “Why did I do so? Do you really not know? Roxanne, do you know that your reaction now makes me feel that everything I’ve done has been nothing but a joke?”

Roxanne’s brows knitted together, bafflement written clear in her eyes. A feverish light came into Colby’s eyes, and he revealed the entirety of the thoughts hidden deep within him.

“If you want a reason, blame it on the fact that you’re too outstanding and eye-catching. Why must you be so striking? It makes me look like a rat in the drain, only worthy of looking up at you all day long. But what about you?

You weren’t even willing to look down and spare me a glance! Am I that contemptible to you? Admittedly, Jack, Jonathan, and Lucian are far more impressive than me. However, have any of them been by your side as long as I have? What gives? You just couldn’t see me!”

Hearing that, Roxanne was stunned, and her expression turned panicked. Huh, he likes me? When did this start? Indeed, I’ve never noticed his feelings for me. Looking back, we first got acquainted when I went abroad to lick my wounds after being hurt by Lucian.

At that time, not only was I pregnant, but I was still in love with Lucian. I hadn’t the presence of mind to take note of other men. Moreover, the only impression I have of him is merely that of a lab partner who was very much in sync with me. After returning to the country, I was wholly focused on the research institute.

When everything at the research institute had finally gotten on track, Lucian reappeared in my life. At the end of the day, the space in my heart belongs to Lucian when he’s there and remains empty when he’s absent. I’ve never thought of allowing another man in….

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