Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1265

When Roxanne met Lucian’s gaze, the confidence in her eyes gradually started wavering. A long moment passed before she dipped her eyes and agreed softly, “Okay, I’ll do it. What do you need me to do?”

During those few seconds when their eyes held, she searched the depths of her heart. Perhaps she didn’t believe that Colby would do such a thing, but given a choice between him and Lucian, her heart would still be biased toward the man before her.

On top of that, the look in Lucian’s eyes was incredibly resolute. Following her agreement, Lucian’s expression eased. He told her about his plan in a deep voice.

As Roxanne listened, she nodded thoughtfully. “Will this really work? We don’t have concrete evidence.” Truth be told, she was still a touch hesitant after listening to the man’s plan.

Lucian’s expression turned chilly. “As long as he was the one behind it, he would definitely feel guilty in such a situation. Even if not, he’ll be afraid of dying!”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne fell silent for a few seconds. Yet in the end, she still relented. She took out her phone and gave Colby a call, informing him that she would be making a trip to the research institute tomorrow.

On the other end of the phone, Colby readily agreed without a trace of oddity in his voice. After she had hung up the phone, doubts again surfaced within her. If it was truly his doing, how could he have hidden it so well? Could it be that… we’ve really misunderstood him?

As though discerning the misgivings within her, Lucian lifted his hand and placed it on hers. His voice was calm and steady. “Trust me. If it really wasn’t him, you can also rest assured.”

Pursing her lips, Roxanne bobbed her head. That night, she didn’t sleep a wink. No matter what, she couldn’t accept that a partner with whom she had worked together for many years turned out to be the culprit who almost killed her.

Her only hope was that she would obtain an answer tomorrow. Early the following morning, Lucian was already seated in the living room when Roxanne went downstairs.

She hadn’t slept well, so she was somewhat dazed. At the sight of him, she spaced out for a few seconds before asking in a murmur, “Are we going over right now?”

At her wan look, Lucian’s gaze darkened. “We’ll go over as soon as possible when you’ve had breakfast. We can’t give him any breathing room.”

If it was really Colby behind the incident, he’s exceedingly meticulous. With just a bit of breathing room, it’ll be enough time for him to do many things.

Roxanne nodded with a heavy heart. After eating some food, she bid Archie, Benny, and Estella farewell before getting into Lucian’s car to head to the research institute..

By the time they arrived at the research institute, Colby was already there, busy with something or other.

The instant he saw Roxanne and Lucian appearing together, his expression stiffened for a heartbeat. “Dr. Jarvis, Mr. Farwell, why did you both come together? You should’ve told me in advance.”

“Does Dr. Jarvis need to tell you before returning to the research institute to work?” Lucian retorted unceremoniously. At once, Colby froze, the smile on his face stained with a hint of guilt.

Sighing inwardly, Roxanne said to Colby, “Please bring me to the lab for a look. I can’t shake off the feeling that there was some problem with the experiment that day.” At that comment, even greater guilt swamped Colby.

He had come over early in the morning to go over everything on the laboratory counter and replace the medicine he switched with a bottle of the same size to prevent discovery.

Unexpectedly, Roxanne and Lucian had arrived. before he could do so. Worse still, Roxanne was requesting to reconduct the experiment.

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