Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1262

The trio stayed quiet. Cayden and Colby stood at one side, looking at Lucian examining the lab counter with different thoughts running through their minds. Colby was nervous to the extent of almost forgetting to breathe.

Given a choice, he wouldn’t be willing to heed Lucian’s order to restore the scene during the day of the experiment because that would easily expose his wrongdoing.

Still, if Colby had refused to follow Lucian’s instruction, that would be no different from declaring his guilt to the latter.

After mulling his options over, he had no choice but to restore the arrangement of the medicines on the lab table, albeit with a slight alternation. He could only hope Lucian wouldn’t notice anything suspicious.

Lucian was oblivious to Colby’s train of thought. He was focused on inspecting the medicines on the lab table, meticulously checking every item.

While doing that, he recalled every detail he saw on the surveillance footage that day. Lucian clearly remembered Roxanne had touched all of the bottles on the table.

All of a sudden, he fixated his gaze on a transparent bottle placed in the corner for a few seconds before turning around to speak to Colby. “Bring me to the surveillance room again.”

Colby’s pupils constricted as uneasiness filled him. He had noticed Lucian staring at the bottle for a prolonged time. Why is that? Did he discover something?

Colby’s hand, hanging by his sides, trembled. uncontrollably when he considered that possibility. However, under Lucian’s watchful gaze, Colby could only tuck his hands into his white coat’s pockets, feign calmness, and nod. “Okay.”

After saying that, he spun on his heels and guided them to the surveillance room. Lucian played the surveillance footage from that day and studied the video carefully again.

As he expected, when Roxanne was doing the experiment, she accidentally knocked over the transparent bottle at the side but hastily picked it up the next second.

Although the differences were insignificant, that bottle was not the same size as the one Colby had currently placed on the lab table.

Besides that, the quantities of the medicine inside the bottles were also dissimilar. Lucian shifted his gaze onto the Colby onscreen, who was standing behind Roxanne.

He didn’t believe Colby, who had spent so many years working at the research institute, would fail to distinguish between the two bottles of medicines.

Unless he did it on purpose. “Mr. Farwell, did you notice anything?” Colby suppressed his anxiousness and asked warily, attempting to seize control of the situation.

Lucian glanced at him with an unfathomable look in his eyes. “Nothing for now. I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to keep that particular table in that state, Dr. Galloway.”

Hearing that, Colby took a deep breath. His facial expression relaxed imperceptibly. “Okay. I’ll do my best.”

Lucian bobbed his head. After that, he got up and left the surveillance room without taking another look at the surveillance footage. Cayden followed closely behind him.

After exiting the research institute, Cayden started the car. “Mr. Farwell, are we returning to the company now, or is there any other place you wish to visit?”

Lucian glanced at the research institute’s entrance while wearing a grimace. Colby stood there reverently to see them off. Looking away, Lucian replied, “Go back to the office.

Also, I want to see all the recent purchase orders by the research facility by tonight.” Cayden agreed with alacrity, started the car, and drove toward Farwell Group.

At the research institute’s entrance, Colby’s legs turned to jelly after Lucian’s car disappeared from his vision.

Lucian had displayed an ambiguous response earlier, causing Colby to be unable to ascertain whether Lucian had discovered he was the culprit. And because of that, Colby felt all the more terrified.

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