Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1261

Frieda stood rooted to her spot as she looked at Jonathan and Lucian leave. She was stunned for a while before regaining her senses and hastening toward Aubree’s ward.

She had to hear Aubree’s answer in person. Frieda was halted by Jonathan’s subordinate, who was stationed outside the ward’s entrance. “Ms. Queen, Mr. Queen forbade you from coming close.”

She glared at him angrily. “Get lost! I’m just going in to say a few things. I’ll come out the moment I’m done talking.” With that, she made to stride into the room.

Jonathan’s subordinate was caught in a difficult position, standing before Frieda and blocking her way forward. Still, he didn’t dare to lay at finger on her and could only watch as she pushed the door open and walked into the room.

“Aubree!” Frieda impatiently wanted confirmation from Aubree right after she opened the door. The next second, she caught herself when she witnessed Aubree crying hysterically. Then, she quietly left the ward.

There wasn’t any need for her to probe further, as Aubree’s demeanor cleared up her doubts. Lucian had indeed called off their engagement.

Terror surged within Frieda as she realized that. She was scared out of her wits when she was reminded of all the things she had done alongside Aubree.

Meanwhile, after Lucian left the hospital, he asked Jonathan to send him back to Farwell Group. Cayden knocked on Lucian’s door and entered the office upon the latter’s arrival. At that moment, Lucian was still giving off a gloomy aura.

As a result, Cayden shuddered when he stepped into the room. “Mr. Farwell, the result of the investigation into the incident at the research institute is out.”

Hearing that, Lucian looked at Cayden with a frown. “What’s the result?”

“There’s nothing wrong with the components, and the experiment was carried out by adhering to Ms. Jarvis’ usual work protocol. Logically, that gas shouldn’t have been produced,” Cayden replied politely.

That meant someone had indeed tampered with the experiment. Lucian’s gaze darkened. He fell silent for a long while before suddenly getting up and exiting his office.

Cayden hastily followed him. “Mr. Farwell, where are we going now?”

Lucian uttered coldly, “Let’s check out the research institute.” I told Colby to find out all the medicines on the lab table which were used that day. I wonder how his progress is.

Cayden guessed Lucian might’ve found a lead, so he trailed behind the latter without saying a word. After reaching downstairs, Cayden drove them to the research institute.

Coincidentally, Colby had just come out from the building. Colby panicked momentarily when he saw the pair get out of the vehicle. However, he swiftly recollected himself and approached them nonchalantly. “Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian nodded. “Did you find out all the medicines?” A guilty look flashed across Colby’s eyes. “I did, and I placed everything back on the table accordingly.”

Lucian glanced at him dubiously in response. “You placed everything back? Didn’t you mention it was dangerous?”

Colby lowered his head to force himself to stay calm. “I already reminded the research facility’s personnel to avoid touching the medicines on that lab table, so there shouldn’t be an issue.”

Lucian nodded. “Bring me there and show me the medicines.” Colby grunted in acknowledgment before turning around and leading the two into the research facility.

Upon entering the building, they saw many researchers carrying out their duties. The researchers offered simple greetings to Lucian and the others, then immersed themselves in their experiments again.

Colby led them to the lab counter and stood to one side. “These are all the medicines.” The arrangement on the lab table had been restored to its previous state, similar to the day when Roxanne did the experiment.

However, Colby used a different medicine to substitute the one he added to the flask the other day. The two bottles had a slight difference in size.

No one would notice that minor change in detail if that person weren’t a researcher who spent a long time inside the laboratory. Even Roxanne and Jack wouldn’t notice he had switched the medicine as they were focused on carrying out the experiment that day.

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