Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1232

Lucian’s reply took Roxanne by surprise. I didn’t expect Lucian would allow Essie to stay or even ask me to decide if she could. Immediately upon receiving her father’s approval, Estella turned to Roxanne. “Ms. Jarvis…”

The boys approached them. “Please let Essie stay, Mommy!”

Roxanne hesitated for a moment when she saw the anticipation in the boys’ eyes. In the end, she found herself unable to say no. “Fine. If Essie wants to stay, she can.”

Delight colored the children’s countenances as they cheered. Roxanne couldn’t help but grin upon seeing that. As Lucian’s expression softened, he shifted his sight toward her.

Upon detecting his gaze, she suddenly tensed up. Even her expression was slightly frozen. “Since you don’t mind, I’ll be counting on you to take care of Essie for the next few days, Ms. Jarvis,” Lucian uttered.

In response, Roxanne pursed her lips and smile. Before he left, he informed, Til arrive at the research institute at two in the afternoon.” She nodded. “I’ll let Dr. Galloway know and ask him to head over there earlier.”

When their conversation ended, Lucian turned and left. Roxanne and the children watched his car disappear from their sight before returning to the mansion.

It was nearly two in the afternoon, so she swiftly gave Colby a call. Meanwhile, Colby had just left the surveillance room. He stayed up for the entire night scrubbing all traces of his misdeed.

After learning Lucian would investigate the matter during the morning from Roxanne’s call, he inspected all the surveillance footage again.

He only dragged his exhausted body out of the surveillance room after he found no problems with the footage. To his surprise, he received another call from Roxanne just as he left.

She said, “Mr. Farwell will be heading over there at two in the afternoon. So, you may need to reach there a little earlier.”

Colby’s heart sank when he heard that. I know it’s only a matter of time before Lucian comes, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon! Still, he agreed to her request. “Got it. I’m at the research institute right now, so he’s free to visit whenever he wants.”

It was almost two when he ended the call. Hence, he immediately returned to the surveillance room to recheck the surveillance footage. Just as he did that in suspense, he heard someone knocking on the door.

“Mr. Farwell has arrived, Dr. Galloway, the receptionist informed while Lucian stood next to her Colby’s expression shifted drastically before he forced himself to calm down as quickly as possible.

A few seconds later, he turned to the entrance with a polite smile. “You should’ve called me when you arrived, Mr. Farwell. I could’ve welcomed you at the building entrance.”

Lucian’s line of sight landed on the surveillance footage on the screen and inquired, “What is this, Dr. Galloway?

I couldn’t help but feel something was amiss about what happened yesterday. Thus, I decided to check the surveillance footage in hopes of finding anything fishy. Since you’re also planning to investigate yesterday’s incident, how about we examine the footage together?”

Silently, Lucian gazed at him for a few seconds. Meanwhile, Colby felt his heart pounding. Yet, he had to stifle his anxiety and pretend as though nothing was going on.

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