Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1230

When Lucian recalled the scene at the research institute, a cold look entered his eyes. “Back then, when you had just fallen into a coma after being poisoned, Jack refused to send you to the hospital. Tell me, what do you think his intentions are?”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne halted what she was thinking as she wavered. He coldly continued, “Do you think traditional medicine could’ve saved you back then?”

Without hesitation, she shook her head. “I may be unconscious back then, but I know how dire the situation was. Even if the person who fainted weren’t me, I wouldn’t necessarily have the courage to accept the responsibility of treating them.”

As he gazed intensely at her, he signaled for her to continue, so she did. “Traditional medicine has been passed down for many years because it’s effective in combating chronic diseases.

The best way to handle my situation yesterday was to send me to the emergency room immediately because the poison gas had invaded my brain. Acupuncture was worth a try. but the risk of failing is greater. Of course, I wouldn’t take that risk when better options were available.”

“What would’ve happened if you didn’t receive treatment in time?” Lucian inquired.

Roxanne gave that question some thought and replied seriously, “If it weren’t too serious, then I would’ve been in a vegetative state. If it were, I would’ve died. Even if I was lucky enough to wake up, I think I would’ve become mentally disabled.”

When her train of thought ended there, she expressed her gratitude to him. “If not for your help, one of those three scenarios would’ve been my fate, Mr. Farwell. So, thank you.”

As though he didn’t hear her thanks, he continued to focus on Jack. “Do you think Jack was unaware of those three possibilities?”

Roxanne hesitated to shake her head. Jack definitely knows about those possibilities, but if I shake my head, Lucian will become more suspicious of him, and I don’t want either of us to suspect him even more.

Upon detecting her hesitation, Lucian stared at her coldly. “You still don’t think he’s suspicious?” Frowning, she speculated, “Maybe… Mr. Damaris has his reasons.”

After all, he may have experience using acupuncture to treat those attacked by that poison. If that’s true, it brings up another question. Why does he just so happen to know how to deal with such a rare poison?

If that’s not the case, why did he insist on not sending me to the hospital and opting to use acupuncture to treat me instead? While chaos roamed in her mind, she put on a calm facade.

Gazing at her, Lucian questioned, “Do you know what Jack was doing when I went to him?”

Roxanne tensed up upon hearing his tone, thinking that he had discovered some sort of irrefutable evidence. If that happens, I may need to change my long-standing impression of Jack…

As he recalled Jack’s actions, he narrowed his eyes. “He was preparing to remove your clothes! He’s just an animal who takes advantage of you, yet you still trust him so much.”

That dumbfounded her. I thought he had ironclad evidence, but that’s all? Due to her frequent acupuncture sessions, she was used to taking patients’ clothes off during treatment.

It was why she was dumbstruck by Lucian’s reaction. Did Lucian really think Jack took off my clothes because he wanted to… Then again, Lucian did get jealous many times before. I’m not sure how to describe what I’m feeling right now….

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