Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1229

Estella hugged her and refused to let go. Thus, Roxanne explained resignedly, “Your daddy and I haven’t eaten yet. We’ll keep you company after our meals, all right?”

Upon hearing that, the girl finally released Roxanne and stared intently at her. Roxanne smiled, patted her head, and turned to Lucian. “Come on in, Mr. Farwell. I’ll prepare some food.”

The look in Lucian’s eyes darkened before he ambled into the living room. It’s been a long time since I was invited by her. This feels pretty good.

The children were relieved to see the relationship between the two adults improved after Roxanne left the hospital. As Lucian sat on the couch, he watched the children play with each other.

Inside the kitchen, Roxanne was preparing the food nonchalantly. As a result of all that, the atmosphere in the mansion became surprisingly heartwarming.

Not long after, Roxanne exited the kitchen with two sandwiches and a glass of hot milk before putting them in front of Lucian. “It’s nearly time for lunch, so just eat these first to hold on until then. He nodded.

Just as she was about to sit next to him, her phone rang again on the coffee table. They both lowered their heads and saw Jack’s name on the screen.

While Lucian frowned, Roxanne wanted to answer the phone because she knew Jack was simply worried about her. As she reached for the phone, Lucian snatched it away.

Roxanne furrowed her eyebrows with slight panic. “I want to tell Mr. Damaris that I’m safe.”

Motionlessly, he waited for the ringing to stop on its own. Then, he expressionlessly turned off her phone and tossed it aside. She felt resigned upon seeing that. In the past, she would’ve immediately started arguing with him.

However, she refrained from doing so, thinking. it would be rude because he had just saved her from the brink of death and taken care of her for the entire night.

Thus, Roxanne silently withdrew her hand and sat next to Lucian. “Jack came by last night,” he disclosed in a deep voice. That shocked her a little. “Was it when I was still in a coma?” There’s no way I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

“You were already awake by that point, but it was getting late, so I told him about your situation and asked him not to disturb your rest.”

She still felt something was off. “It was that simple?” I know how Lucian feels about Jack. There’s no way their meeting ended that simply last night.

In response to her question, Lucian frowned at her. “What else do you expect?”

Roxanne smiled sheepishly and stopped asking. If Jack already knows about my situation, why did he call me?

Just as she wondered about that, he spoke again. “Even though I already told him about your situation, he still called you. Maybe he has an ulterior motive.”

She was stunned by his sudden remark as she stared at his countenance. I feel like the “motive” he’s thinking about is not the one I have in mind.

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