Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1228

“Mommy, why are you back so soon? Shouldn’t you spend more time at the hospital?” Worried, Archie looked at Roxanne. As Archie spoke, he glanced at Lucian as he had secret plans for them.

If Mommy stays for another two days at the hospital, Daddy will have more time to accompany her! Lucian knew Archie was glancing at him, but he didn’t know what was on the latter’s mind.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was rendered speechless by Archie’s question. “So you want me to stay at the hospital?” At that, the kids exchanged glances.

Archie answered with a serious look, “We’re only worried about you, Mommy. We thought maybe you should be hospitalized for at least. two days.”

A surge of warmth emerged in Roxanne’s heart after hearing that. Pretending to be torn, she looked at Archie. “But I miss you guys.” “We can visit Mommy at the hospital!” Benny’s cute voice rang out.

Amused by Benny, Roxanne couldn’t help but kiss him. Estella and Archie quickly moved closer to Roxanne after they saw her kissing Benny.

Archie stuck out his face before Roxanne straight away. With a smile, Roxanne planted a kiss on Archie’s cheek. Estella stood timidly behind Archie, not daring to go forward, but her face was full of anticipation.

A glint of guilt flashed in Roxanne’s eyes when she saw how Estella behaved. Estella was not like this in the past. The tension between her and Lucian had made Estella behave timidly in front of her.

Thinking of that, Roxanne smiled at Estella and pulled the latter close to her. Then, she kissed her on her chubby cheeks and hugged her tightly.

“Essie, I want to thank you for trying to wake me up with Archie and Benny. Otherwise, I don’t know when I’ll regain consciousness.”

Estella’s eyes gradually brightened, and a smile appeared on her little face after Roxanne thanked her. Roxanne felt Estella slowly wrapping her arms around her neck and smiled wider.

Just when she was about to let go, Estella suddenly kissed her on the face. Roxanne froze for a few seconds and was touched after the entire situation sunk in.

After witnessing Roxanne and Estella’s reconciliation, Archie and Benny rushed toward them excitedly, and each planted a kiss on Roxanne’s cheek.

Standing at the door, Lucian looked at Roxanne and the kids. There was a rare warmth emotion flashing in his eyes.

“Mr. Farwell.” Cayden approached him, Lucian looked away from the four and nodded in acknowledgment at Cayden. “Thank you for your hard work. Go home and have a rest.”

“I’ll leave now. Please call me whenever you need me.” Cayden bobbed his head in response Subsequently, he turned around to leave without hesitation.

It has been a while since Mr. Farwell and Ms. Jarvis get along. I shouldn’t stay and become the third wheel. Initially, Roxanne wanted to see Cayden out. However, Estella held tightly onto her and refused to let go. After some deliberation, Roxanne still couldn’t get up.

“Mommy, have you eaten?” Archie looked at Roxanne with concern.

It wasn’t until then that Roxanne remembered that they hadn’t eaten all day. After she regained consciousness, the experts checked her condition. Then, she had a heated discussion with Lucian.

She wasn’t feeling hungry. However, she felt Lucian should eat something after all he had been through yesterday. At that thought, Roxanne patted Estella’s back reassuringly. “I need to cook. Why don’t you play with Archie and Benny?”

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